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ZEPPS® - 37 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

Zahner Engineered Panel Profiling Systems

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Zahner Engineered Panel Profiling Systems The ZEPPS™ Process was first developed to meet the demanding curvature of the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington. Notable for its twisting curves and smooth planes, the facade is installed on the smart system we now call the ZEPPS™ Process. A highly specialized team was assembled at Zahner to develop this process. This team is called the Design Assist Group (DAG), and the members of this team continue to advance the ZEPPS™ Process, develop new systems, and guide architects, designers, and general contractors through the process of building...

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“Whenever we design a building with a complex metal skin, our first thought is to call Zahner to make sure they are interested in bidding the job. Zahner did a fantastic job constructing a weathering steel skin for the Trinity River Audubon Center, fabricating and installing the skin exactly as designed. The end result far exceeded our expectations.” -- Paul Fehlau / Executive Senior Associate / Antoine Predock Architect PC Antoine Predock + Zahner From Left to Right: Trinity River Audubon Center in Dallas, Texas; Tampa Museum of Science & Industry in Tampa, Florida; American Heritage Center,...

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Select projects featuring the ZEPPS™ Process Experience Music Project NASCAR Hall of Fame Pritzker Pavilion Tulsa, Oklahoma Charlotte, North Carolina Chicago, Illinois Neiman Marcus Miami Intermodal Center Fisher Center at Bard Natick, Massachusetts Miami, Florida Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Experience Music Project (EMP) Frank Gehry Partners + Zahner Seattle, Washington (First Generation ZEPPS™ Assembly)

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Experience Music Project (EMP) Aerial

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Experience Music Project (EMP) Detail

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EMP, under construction, and recently completed, revealing the first generation ZEPPS™ Assembly.

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Experience Music Project, First Generation ZEPPs™ Assembly, CAD.

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BOK Center Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Architect’s Model, BOK Center

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Above: ZEPPS™ Structure detail showing three full panels in CATIA; Top Right: Zahner Facility, showing two full panels; Bottom Right: Architect’s Model, BOK Center

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NASCAR HALL OF FAME Pei Cobb Freed Charlotte, North Carolina Completed in May, 2010

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NASCAR Hall of Fame, Detail of the Mobius

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Construction Detail and CAD View of Mobius

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Pritzker Pavilion in Millenium Park Frank Gehry Partners Chicago, Illinois

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Neiman Marcus Elkus Manfredi Natick, Massachusetts

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Neiman Marcus Mockup at Zahner Campus

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Neiman Marcus during construction

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Neiman Marcus Interior, Under Construction

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Neiman Marcus Exterior Detail

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Above: Neiman Marcus Exterior Completed Side: Neiman Rendering showing Scope

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Miami Intermodal Center Sequeira & Gavarrete Miami, Florida Estimated Completion: 2011

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Rendering of Station Section, Miami Intermodal Center (MIC)

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Photograph of ZEPPS™ Panels for Miami Intermodal Center (MIC)

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Art Gallery of Alberta Randall Stout + Zahner Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Art Gallery of Alberta, Detail of “Borealis” -- the complex curvatures which flow around the building

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Left: Art Gallery of Alberta, detail of CAD rendering, Right: AGA under construction, revealing the ZEPPS™ Structure underneath.

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Using ZEPPS™ allows architects to know that their vision will be realized, accurately. Above: Architects CAD Model, rendered.

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Fisher Center at Bard College Frank Gehry Red Hook, New York

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Fisher Center at Bard, ZEPPS™ and Structure.

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Fisher Center at Bard, ZEPPS™ Details

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