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Zahner 2015 - 43 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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“Zahner employees are visionary perfectionists. Their work raises the level of an architect’s abilities.” — Daniel Libeskind “Zahner provides exemplary craftsmanship in everything they undertake, and are seriously and extremely committed to architecture, with a capital A.” — Frank Gehry “We always look forward to opportunities to work with A. Zahner. It was a privilege to have their hand in one of our projects.” — Stacey Jones “Our changing times require enlightened and artistically oriented talent in a way that is exemplified in the figure of Bill Zahner.” —Steven Holl “Zahner has moved into...

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OUR MISSION Our mission is to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients. Zahner practices this mantra at every phase of the design and construction process. When clients first visit Zahner’s headquarters, they experience the processes, surfaces, and possibilities. As a project moves forward, we develop details to most elegantly match the architect’s designed aesthetic. The technologies we’ve developed expand a project’s potential. We see your vision and we raise it — with you. A single facade can require upwards of hundreds and even thousands of panels. During production, components are...

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The general consensus in the construction industry has been WHY CHOOSE DESIGN ASSIST that competitively bid projects are less expensive than projects managed with design-build. While this may appear to be true when the initial bids come in, we’ve discovered that the data A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT doesn’t add up. The costs of competitively bid projects will often rise throughout the duration of the construction process, while buildings produced with Design Assist consistently come in under budget. This is money that ends up back in the owner’s pocket. Eliminate the unknown. The unknowns increase...

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“Zahner provides exemplary craftsmanship in everything they undertake, and are seriously and extremely committed to Architecture, with a capital A.” — Frank Gehry, letter to the Architects Institute of America, 2007 Zahner Headquarters, Kansas City Missouri Zahner is internationally renowned and recognized for innovations in the field of metal and digital fabrication. Zahner leads by developing new and sustainable metal applications, patinas, and their respective technologies, recruiting only the most dedicated and intelligent craftsmen and engineers. Zahner employs over 250 people with facilities...

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BUILDING WITH ZAHNER “Zahner gave Morphosis their parameters for building the facades, which are flat sheets of aluminum folded, painted and mounted to vertical supports that incorporate railings for the exterior corridors. The architects took their parameters and designed an undulating pattern whose 3D model was given to Zahner for direct fabrication. No doubt the fairly seamless process came about through the ongoing collaboration of the two parties on a number of projects, many of them schools: Cooper Union’s new academic building in New York City, Cornell’s Bill & Melinda Gates Hall in upstate...

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The recently completed Emerson Los Angeles was designed by Morphosis and is the fourth project completed under a Design Assist contract with Zahner design and fabrication. The original budget awarded to Zahner was just over $6M. Zahner’s design team replaced the structural steel and provided automated fabrication technologies to reduce costs and increase efficiency. By using ZEPPS® panels in lieu of traditional stud framing, the team was able to reduce the cost of labor in the field. As a result, Zahner saved the client over $400K, with a final contract amount of less than $5.6M. In addition,...

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The Norway-based firm Snøhetta wanted to achieve an emotive surface across the facade of the 911 Museum in New York City. Using a combination of striped and perforated panels, the designers portrayed a pixelated story, rendering an abstract portrayal of the World Trade Center’s attacks across the surface of the museum. The firm worked with Zahner’s designers and fabricators to develop an alternating pattern. Each panel shifts from standard linear-grained stainless steel to a bead-blasted stainless surface — four stripes to a panel. The result is an iconic design like none other.

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The stainless steel skins striate from a bead-blasted finish, to a semi-reflective finish, all within the same panel. National September 11th Museum in New York City. Snohetta Architects.

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Sidra Medical Center AECOM & Pelli Clarke Pelli Pritzker Pavilion Frank Gehry Partners Chicago, IL; USA Doha, Qatar Ceramic Tile on ZEPPS® NASCAR Hall of Fame Pelli Clark Pelli Charlotte, NC; USA Angel Hair® Stainless Steel & ZEPPS® Angel Hair® Stainless Steel & ZEPPS® Neiman Marcus Elkus Manfredi Natick, MA; USA Liverpool Department Store Interference Stainless & ZEPPS® Rojkind Architects Mexico City, Mexico ZEPPS® & Angel Hair® Stainless Steel The de Young Museum Herzog & de Meuron San Francisco, CA; USA TECU® Classic Tacoma Museum of Glass Arthur Erickson Basra Stadium 360 Architects Basra,...

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How to be ahead of schedule, every time. Zahner developed the ZEPPS® Process as a way to rapidly and exactingly manufacture big curving forms using prefabricated panels. These ZEPPS® Panels were used on the Perez & Perez-designed Miami Intermodal Center to maximize speed, control, and ease of installation. Zahner manufactured each of the assemblies in their shop in Kansas City (left). These were means that all of the complex engineering and fabrication completed ahead of schedule, and were occurs in the shop, not in the field. This makes for a stored at a local facility until the jobsite was smooth...

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Reduce maintenance with pre-fabricated and selfcontained panel systems. Building with Zahner allowed Perez and Perez to control the design of the understructure, so that there are not outcroppings for migratory birds to perch. Using Zahner, the designers were able to develop a system which met these requirements as well as providing protection against the dramatic weather conditions in Miami. Choosing the right alloys and materials for the environment requires a vast knowledge of metallurgy and depth of experience. Zahner worked closely with Perez and Perez to choose materials and alloys for all...

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