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Catalogue excerpts

Ypsilon was founded in 2009 in Padova, in the heart of Veneto region, traditional place of Italian manufacturing, from the idea of Vittorio Bottacin, creative entrepreneur, with fifteen years of history in the sector of the furniture. Ypsilon is located in prestigious nineteenth-century villa with its main office and wonderful showroom. For its collections, Ypsilon has been collaborating to various asserted designers in the sector furniture such as Valerio Sommella, Associate BB, Sandro Meneghello and Marco Paolelli, winners of important international awards.

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MISSION: HOME LIFESTYLE Our vision is to create a style, to be immediately recognizable for the project solutions proposed. An engagement to which we dedicate all our time and our experience, daily comparing ourselves to the most dynamic ideas, selecting innovative materials and creating new trends of the furniture that have an effect on the behavior and on the contemporary lifestyle. Ypsilon changes the perception of the reality in its constant evolution, for a new way to defining the environments.

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Vanity Paolelli Associati Design: Meneghello

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Walton Design: BB Associati The research of the quality is without compromises, also in the least details, proposing tissues wisely well finished, elegant and precious in colors, co-ordinated and infinite chromatic combinations. This identifies and distinguishes the product signed Ypsilon.

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Cameo Paolelli Associati Design: Meneghello

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Hampton Design: BB Associati To propose a modern and functional product easily recognizable but at the same time extremely practical, with a quality level featuring high standards, required by international clientele. Thus Hampton was born, an unique product in every aspect, from the legs made by laser cutting without any welding, to the great capacity of “storage”, thanks to 11 drawers, allowing not to add more furniture in a bathroom.

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Doll Damasco Design: Meneghello e Paolelli Associati Ypsilon concentrates a significant part of professionalism in providing concrete carrying out to any project solution. Doll Damasco joins aesthetic details, classic materials and contemporary processing creating a perfect balance. The result is a unique combination of purity lines and damask decorations that underline the aesthetic regard and functionality of the solution, while enriching the context for which it is intended.

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Clever Design: BB Associati Clever distinguishes for the contrast from the materials and for the futuristic purity of the lines, it is the result of skillful art to combine wisely wood, natural material, with the versatile Corian® | Dupont. The originality is the top made in olive solid wood, innovative in terms of material uniqueness, and the type of inlay work that lets interpret the tastes and the needs of each client.

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Ghost Design: BB Associati Combining design and style, tradition and innovation, simplicity and refinement, Ypsilon creates an unique and timeless concept that makes its a protagonist in the bathroom and in living space. The elegant finely beveled mirror, as a frame for the console, receives a practical container with its door and internal shelves in lacquered wood.

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CRAFTSMANSHIP 100% MADE IN ITALY Leather & Fabric The desire to communicate sophistication is reflected in the selection of highest quality materials. Wood, marble, leather and metal create an elegant setting where harmony and contrasts beautifully coexist. It is in this phase that the experience, the competence and the craftsmanship of a process completely carried out in Italy, are succeed in transforming any project into a veritable work of art.

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FROM THE DESIGN TO THE REALIZATION EVERY DREAM COMES TRUE AN EXCLUSIVE AND UNIQUE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CLIENT. Ypsilon aims to build and to develop an exclusive relationship with each of its clients, interpreting the specific demands and putting itself as an ideal partner to achieve results at the maximum level. Ypsilon project team, thanks to his know how, is able to support the designer in identifying and in implementing customized solutions. From hotels to the private habitations, Ypsilon proposes specific furniture to satisfy the needs and the personality of anyone who wish to create their...

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