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Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems - 96 Pages

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Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

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Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

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JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS YORK® Variable Refrigerant Flow System Efficiency and comfort for your customers. New growth opportunities for your business. Building climate control is about comfort and efficiency – delivering just the right heating and cooling to every space using no more energy than necessary. YORK variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology lets you do that for customers in innovative ways that present new growth opportunities for your business. VRF technology gives building owners, architects, consulting engineers, and mechanical contractors an innovative solution...

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JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS IIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIII Illllllll 111111111111111111111 I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll iriiNiiiiii Ui , ! III SIR IS I I ; •    - Johnson Controls Joint Venture with Hitachi 2 Introducing YORK VRF 4-6 What is VRF?    7 Why Partner with Johnson Controls?    8-11 15 INDOOR UNITS Overview    16-17 38 OUTDOOR UNITS Overview    39-41 84 OPTIONAL PARTS & ACCESSORIES 1 IB EL BE S EB BE EE 8 BCCCfii

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JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS offices countries years of HVAC expertise YORK® VRF systems come to you from Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning, a global joint venture of Johnson Controls, Hitachi, Ltd., and Hitachi Appliances, Inc. These VRF technologies provide exciting new options to help you approach each project with innovative solutions that are modular, flexible, and exceptionally efficient. Customers globally now can access the most diverse range of air conditioning products in the industry. VRF systems challenge traditional thinking about how to achieve the optimum in...

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JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS Variable flow means constant comfort and efficiency In the HVAC world, the term “variable” connotes efficiency. Variable-speed chillers save energy and avoid the wear and tear of frequent cycling. Variable air volume systems improve air conditioning efficiency by modulating air delivery volumes within specific zones. The YORK® variable refrigerant flow systems achieve extremely high efficiencies by modulating the flow of refrigerant according to the exact demands of individual areas with innovative inverter-driven scroll compressor technology. Proven...

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JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS laYORK    s are modular and controlled solutions that include models with capability to simultaneously heat and cool different zones. The technology brings an array of advantages over conventional systems. • Save on energy. Systems essentially eliminate duct losses. In addition, variable-speed compressors in outdoor units provide extremely high part-load efficiency. • Keep people comfortable. Users can set individual temperature set points for multiple zones. Variable-speed compressors with wide capacity and precise modulation help maintain each...

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JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS Gain control flexibility Choose multiple applications Users can deploy from three basic control options. YORK VRF systems suit a wide range of buildings in new construction and retrofits. Prime candidates include: • ndoor fan coil units come I with a selection of thermostats (controllers), from simple units with on/off, setpoint, load and speed settings, to programmable units that enable scheduling. Wireless units are available to provide remote control of zone space conditions. • entral station controllers for C larger projects provide remote control...

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JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS The YORK VRF Systems boast efficiencies up to: • 29.5 SCHE • 25.2 IEER Rated highest for energy efficiency YORK® systems rank impressively high in the ratings that matter most for VRF technology. The traditional measure of HVAC equipment, energy efficiency ratio (EER), measures system efficiency at full load. While this may be appropriate for equipment that operates in a traditional cycle (fully on or fully off), it is not appropriate for properly sized VRF systems, which spend the vast majority of time at part load, reaching full load only on...

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JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS A VRF system typically consists of one or more outdoor units from which refrigerant is piped to a series of indoor fan coil units serving individual zones within building spaces. The system conditions the spaces by delivering to the indoor fan coil units only the volume of refrigerant required to meet the heating or cooling needs of each zone (see Figure 1). There are two basic types of YORK VRF systems, ranging in capacity from 3-30 tons: • Heat pump VRF systems are two-pipe systems • Heat recovery VRF systems are three-pipe systems Heat pump VRF...

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JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS every step: select, design, specify, install Your Johnson Controls account team supports you as no one else can, at every step of every project. Effective training, intuitive design and selection software, advanced logistics and delivery, and easily accessible documentation form a powerful support package that adds substantial value to YORK VRF systems. Get your team up to speed fast. Efficient performance, quality installations. Comprehensive training programs provide knowledge and skills necessary to effectively...

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JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS Right-size systems with intuitive selection software The YORK VRF selection software intuitively guides you step by step through equipment selection, so you can quickly and accurately choose an appropriate and cost-effective equipment package for each project. Web-based program The Web-based program allows access from any computer or tablet. The software helps you: • Design accurate final system drawings including piping and wiring diagrams in an easy, quick, step-by-step process. • Accurately select systems using a System Sizing Analysis. The...

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