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Catalog excerpts

DESCRIPTION The AHV Air Handler line offers the ultimate in comfort, sound and application flexibility. This unit may be used for upflow, downflow, horizontal right, or horizontal left applications. No special kits are required to install this deluxe product.036-21047-001 Rev. A (4/00) Air handlers are shipped with “Flex-coils” without a factory installed metering device. Flex coil models allow these coils to be used with R-22 or R-410A for added flexibility to meet refrigerant choices. An orifice metering device or a R-410A TXV should be installed in the field to meet your system requirements. TECHNICAL GUIDE SINGLE PIECE ECM AIR HANDLERS FOR USE WITH SPLIT-SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONERS & HEAT PUMPS MODELS: AHV18 THRU 60 Thermostatic Expansion Valve - Provides the ultimate refrigerant control required for today’s high efficient product. The UPG bolt-on TXV provides easy installation to convert the air handler to the required refrigerant, which is a true bolt-on design that does not require brazing to replace or install. Rust-proof Plastic Drain Pans - The vertical and horizontal drain pans in these units are made of a fiberglass reinforced thermoset polymer that will not rust or compromise stability at high temperatures. Insulated Cabinet - All air handler cabinets are thermally insulated with 3/4” foil faced insulation to prevent sweating. Factory Sealed - Achieves 2% or less total airflow leakage rate at duct leakage test conditions for system airflow verification. Durable Finish Inside and Out - Air handler casings are made of pre-painted galvanized steel which provides a better paint to steel bond that resists corrosion and rust creep. All internal coil sheet metal parts are made of G60 galvanized or prepainted G30 galvanized steel. Filters - All models have internal filter racks provided for use with 1” thick standard size filters. Electric Heat Kits - The 6HK series of field installed electric heat kits are available for installation friendly and easy service applications. These 6HK kits have heat capacities from 2 kW to 25 kW to meet the application requirements. ECM Variable Speed Motor - Designed for efficient, quiet operation with added indoor comfort control. With the use of a humidistat, the system will monitor the humidity in the home and automatically keep the desired humidity level in both winter and summer seasons. The ECM motor utilizes only 24% of the energy used by standard blower motors to reduce your overall heating and cooling costs. The climate comfort system allows dealer to customize comfort settings based on regional location. ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System Communications - These models may be connected as part of a communications system using a 4-wire connection bus. Due to continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. Visit us on the web at: and Additional rating information can be found at: WARRANTY Standard 5-year limited parts warranty. Extended 10-year limited parts warranty when product is registered online within 90 days of purchase for replacement or closing for new home construction. FOR DISTRIBUTION USE ONLY - NOT TO BE USED AT POINT OF RETA

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DIMENSIONS & DUCT CONNECTION DIMENSIONS F Blower Compartment Refrigerant Connections Service Disconnect Panel Drain Connections for Upflow Applications E Bottom Inlet Dimensions Drain Pan Connections for Horizontal Applications Filter Access Dimensions Dimensions Models Wiring Knockouts Refrigerant Connections Line Size 1. Actual size (Conduit size). COIL TECHNICAL DATA Models Refrig. Conn. Types Rows Deep Coil Size Tube Geometry Cooling /Heat Pump Cooling /Heat Pump Cooling /Heat Pump Cooling /Heat Pump Cooling /Heat Pump Cooling /Heat Pump Cooling /Heat Pump

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Johnson Controls Unitary Products 3

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1. Actual capacity varies with the outdoor AC or HP that is used with the system. 2. Airflow is calculated for each system tonnage. 4 Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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APPLICATION FACTORS - RATED CFM VS. ACTUAL CFM 1. The referenced letter in this table is for the heat jumper tap. 2. (0,1) - 0 = no circuit breaker OR 1 = with circuit breaker. 3. (1,2) - 1 = with circuit breaker, no breaker jumper bar OR 2 = with circuit breaker & breaker jumper bar. Johnson Controls Unitary Products 5

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6 Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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ELECTRICAL DATA FOR SINGLE SOURCE POWER SUPPLY - 208/230-1-60 1. MOP = Maximum Overcurrent Protection device; must be HACR type circuit breaker or time delay fuse. 2. Stated sizes are for 75°C, copper wire only. If wire other than non-plated, 75°C ambient, copper wire is used, consult applicable tables of the NEC and local codes.. 3. The 20kW and 25kW heater models (6HK16502025 and 6HK16502525) come with circuit breakers standard. Single source power MCA and MOP requirements are given here only for reference if used with field installed single point power modification. Johnson Controls Unitary...

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1169507-YTG-A-1114 ELECTRICAL DATA FOR MULTI-SOURCE POWER SUPPLY: 208/230-1-60 Air Handlers Models Heater Models 1. MOP = Maximum Overcurrent Protection device; must be HACR type circuit breaker or time delay fuse. 2. Stated sizes are for 75°C, copper wire only. If wire other than non-plated, 75°C ambient, copper wire is used, consult applicable tables of the NEC and local codes. 3. 1st Circuit includes the blower motor amps. ELECTRICAL DATA FOR MULTI-SOURCE POWER SUPPLY: 208/230-3-60 MOP1 Min. Circuit Ampacity Air Handler Models Heater Models Total Heater Amps @ 240V 1. MOP = Maximum Overcurrent...

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TYPICAL THERMOSTAT CONNECTION Air Handler Control Wiring Typical A/C - Cooling only Applications AIR HANDLER THERMOSTAT BOARD    1 - STAGE Air Handler Control Wiring Typical A/C with Electric Heat Applications AIR HANDLER THERMOSTAT BOARD    1 - STAGE Cooling Models with and without Electric Heat Wiring * Optional dehumidification humidistat switch contacts open on humidity rise. NOTES: 1. “Y/Y2” Thermostat wire must be connected for full CFM and applications requiring 60 second blower off delay for SEER enhancement. 2. Remove humidistat jumper on air handler control board. 3. For heat pump applications...

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