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table opposite. Select the duty and features you require and then turn to the relevant pages indicated for full product details.
2007 sees the introduction of a new production line at Xpelair's Peterborough plant for the Scimitar Sickle blade fans in Plate, Short Case and Roof versions up to 630mm.
Scimitar will join an impressive line up of aerofoil section Rapier plate and short case axials now extending up to 1000mm. For heavy duty applications the New Aerofoil Long Cased axials have all the rugged features you would expect: hot dip galvanised long cases, rolled flanges, heavy duty aluminium aerofoil section adjustable blades and a choice of blade angles and sizes from 315mm - 1250mm.
What's more, non-stock models are normally available within two weeks.
Whatever the ducted application, Xpelair has fresh product ideas and all the accessories too. Whether it be controllers or ducting accessories, it's all presented for easy selection.
Need something different? If you still can't find your perfect system then contact Xpelair CustomVent Division where we specialise in bespoke solutions. Further details on page 288.
How to use the Quick selector. Xpelair Axial range fan performances are in the
Xpelair Axial fans
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    ® Xpelair Scimitar XPMS Rapier XPMA Scimitar XSCS Rapier XSCA Aerofoil XLCA Page Number 106 114 130 138 152...
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    Application: Plate mounted Xpelair introduces a new generation of sickle blade fans designed for a wide range of commercial and industrial...
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    ®Xpelair Performance Data MODEL XPMS250-12 XPMS315-12 XPMS250-14 XPMS315-14 XPMS355-14 XPMS400-14 XPMS450-14 Reference...
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    Xpelair Scimitar XPMS Sickle blade plate fans Performance Graphs XPMS250 to 450 260 240 220 200 180 160 'to' p.. i 140 u 120 100...
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    ®Xpelair Performance Graphs XPMS500 to 630 - _ - _\ \ V _ _ \\ \_ ...
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