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Xilobis Brochure

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simply different. reddot award 2015 winner furniture design

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xilobis - absolutely flexible!    Page    2 Tables and Rolling Storage    Page    9 Vino, Cubes and Clubtables    Page    10 Possible Variations with Three Modules    Page    12 System 38 and System 24 (Dimensions / Grid)    Page    13 xilobis Overview and Chronology    Page    18

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xilobis – absolutely flexible! “Swiss invention. Xilobis has something of the genius of chess. A limited number of rules allows an infinite number of variants.” In this way, individual design furniture are created which perfectly adapt to your personal environment, enrich the space and are unique. The dynamic connection of precisely processed modules through balls allow you to build individual furnishings that are both customized and functional. Xilobis creates one-of-a-kind pieces that adapt to their environments with ease. Flexible combinations and diverse options make it easy to use your...

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Rolling Storage W/ H/ D 51 / 61 / 38 cm Inserts compatible with System 38

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Cubes and Club Tables

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example above uses 15 modules xilobis free style xilobis classic style example above uses only 8 modules

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Possible variations with three modules — no tools required! Mögliche Varianten mit drei Modulen (ganz ohne Werkzeug!)

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xilobis System 38 (Module with a depth of 38 cm) xilobis System 24 (Module with a depth of 24 cm)

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Small drawer Interior dimensions: W 457 X D 325 X H 76 Material: Laminated birch wood, 9 mm thick. Large drawer Interior dimensions: W 465 x D 325 x H 160 Material: Laminated birch wood, 9 mm thick. Dividers for 6 x C4 Interior dimensions: W 231 x D 337 x H 53 Material: Laminated birch wood, 9 mm thick. Mail box Interior dimensions: W 238 x D 345 x H 172 Material: Laminated birch wood, 12 mm thick. Suspension file drawer Interior dimensions: W 420 Material: Chrome-plated steel, full extension slide. Tray Interior dimensions: W 488 x D 367/345 x H 172 Material: Laminated birch wood, 12 mm...

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Sliding Doors The material surfaces pictured may not be identical in color and texture to the finished product. Iron rust Iron rust Iron rust sliding doors give your furniture a highly unique character. These one-of-a-kind pieces are painstakingly made by hand. The individual iron sheets are stamped, folded, fitted with recessed grips, and polished. Then they are exposed to the sun and rain in the Ticino region for around 4 months, being brushed and turned every 3 weeks. Weather influences their color, tone, and texture. Finally, they are heated to approx. 250° Celsius in an oven, then...

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Aluminum Aluminum sliding doors made of Alucobond* are available in inox (glossy). * ALUCOBOND® is a composite panel made of two aluminum layers and a synthetic, polyethylene core. It provides an impressive balance of weight and stiffness. ALUCOBOND® is fully recyclable, meaning both its core material and aluminum covers can be returned to the materials cycle and used to produce new materials. Glossy acrylic glass Glossy acrylic glass G2 dunkelgelb Glossy acrylic glass doors are available in 6 different color shades. The grippy, shiny surface requires no recessed handles. In comparison to...

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Furniture Planner - also includes an interactive price list Plan Quickly and easily assemble your personalized designer furniture with our furniture planner: 1. You can create a piece from the ground up. 2. You can select a template, then customize it easily. 3. You can call up your designs and modify them. Save We will provide you a personal, password-protected design account. There, you can save your drafts and call them up again at any time. Order Easily order your personalized, unique pieces over the Internet. Note: The xilobis furniture planner on our homepage does not require a...

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Opening of the permanent exhibit Design Post Cologne Opening of the xilobis store in Munich Opening of the xilobis store at Viadukt Bogen ...1 in Zürich Winner of the reddot award 2015: winner furniture design for a sustainable product solution Opening of new show rooms in Zürich, Stuttgart, and Tokyo The central warehouse is moved to Zürich, where it is staffed by employees of the Züriwerk Foundation Small pieces manufactured by the work home at the Stöckenweid foundation in Feldmeilen Rollout of new product line Xilobis-System 24 Sliding door materials/colors Glossy acrylic glass – 6...

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Showroom Stuttgart xilobis Deutschland GmbH Heilbronner Strasse 1 D-70771 Le-Echterdingen stuttgart@xilobis.de T +49 711 217 244 130 Business hours: www.xilobis.de Showroom Design Post Koln

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