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YTONG-fix (Product data YTONG -fix)

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Product data YTONG-fix Product description Designed factory made thin joint mortar for autoclaved aerated concrete masonry blocks and panels for internal and external use in elements subject to structural and non structural requirements. Composition YTONG-fix thin joint mortar is specially designed for use with YTONG aerated concrete blocks YTONGfix is supplied dry and in pre-mixed 25kg bags. Initial shear strength ≥ 0,3 N/mm² Chloride content < 0,1 % m/m Reaction to fire Class A1 Water absorption < 0,35 kg/m².min0,5 Water vapour permeability 5 / 20 The mortar has to be mixed for 4 minutes with the quantity of water state don the bag. This is to ensure that water can mix with all the cement particles. Afther mixing for 4 minutes a creamy mass should have been created with no dry mortar in the mix. It remains workable within the bucket for approx. 4 hours It will reach its initial bond strength within 7 to 10 minutes, and full design bond strength within 28 days. Dry bulk density 1.425 +/- 75 kg/m³ Compressive strength ≥ 10,0 N/mm² Thermal conductivity λ = 0,52 W/mK Bond strength ≥ 0,30 N/mm² Durability (against freeze/thaw) History has shown, that the mortar has a high freeze/thaw resistance when applied in the intended place of use. Workable life : ≥ 4 hours Correction time: ≥ 7 minutes

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Other information Xella’s technical staff are on hand to render assistance with written or telephone enquiries. Xella UK P.O Box 10028 Sutton Coldfield United Kingdom B75 7ZF Tel: +44 (0) 870 609 0306 Fax: +44 (0) 870 240 2948 E: W: SILKA, YTONG and XELLA are registered trademarks of the Xella Group

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