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VHP partition  wall panels

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VHP partition wall panels

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Contents Internal and party walls 3 Single source 4 Speed and quality 6 Technically a more suitable material 9 Flexible installation 12 Walls with character 14 Complete building system 16 Construction details 18 Photo overview 22 Technical overview 23 YTONG partition wall panels are highly versatile and ideally suited for the high speed construction of: ¬ partition walls, ¬ storage room walls, ¬ non-load bearing party walls, ¬ corridor walls, ¬ service ducts. 2 Interior walls: index

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Internal and Party walls YTONG interior walls are masonry-based, solid, non-flammable, durable and smooth surface. XELLA supplies walls that meet the construction industry’s demands for quality, reliability, security, comfort and an attractive finish. Versatile YTONG interior walls are made of story high partition panels. Full details of the unique properties of these elements can be found in the ETA certification available with the product. YTONG panels are highly versatile and ideally suited for the high speed construction of: ¬ partition walls, ¬ storage room walls, ¬ non-load bearing...

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Single source The entire non-load bearing part of the building from a single supplier. True convenience, both in terms of product and construction. An intelligent building system that saves time and offers significant construction advantages. In short, the success formula behind YTONG interior walls. Successful track record Partition walls made of YTONG panels have a long and successful track record and have been used in countless new construction projects. No more than you would expect in view of their unique characteristics: single story height walls that rise out of the ground with...

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Partition walls YTONG interior walls satisfy the sound insulation requirement of the United Kingdom Building Regulations Part E2 (2003). For example, partition walls between two bedrooms, or two offices, should be constructed from 100 mm thick panels in the G5/800 weight class. If there is a door in the wall, lower sound insulation requirements apply and a G4/600 panel of 70 or 100 mm thickness can be used. All the other partition walls in a building can also be made of this type of panel. The panels are: ¬ strong, ¬ masonry-based, ¬ quick to install ¬ exert a low floor load, ¬ installed...

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Speed and quality Speed with no loss of quality is one of the key advantages of YTONG interior walls. The success of this type of wall is largely attributable to the storey high separation panel. The panel has been designed specifically for use when creating room layouts inside both residential and commercial buildings. The walls do not require any further preparation prior to wallpapering. 6 Interior walls: speed and quality The YTONG panels are fast and efficient to install and, after the joints have been filled, they can be wallpapered with no further preparation. Calculating the...

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The speed of building depends on three factors: - indifference to moisture, - light weight, - simple finishing coat. and aligned when the structure is still open to the elements. This substantially reduces the final construction time required for the interior walls. The panels relatively light weight also contributes enormously to the speed of construction. A hydraulic installation trolley can also act as a saw table, which a ­ llows workers to install the panels efficiently and quickly. Ready for wallpapering The surface of the interior walls is smooth and ready for final finishing. This...

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151 apartments in Den Helder, the Netherlands Working with panels keeps waste to a minimum. Construction sequence An efficient sequence of construction for a project where all the non-load bearing building sections are made completely from YTONG panels is summarised below. This is not the only solution: other sequences that achieve maximum speed of construction and result in an optimum construction plan are also possible. A practical sequence is: ¬ elivery to site in full 24tonne d loads ¬ istribution to various areas on d working floors ¬ setting-out of internal floors ¬ nstalling with...

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Technically a more suitable material The unique advantage of YTONG interior walls is that all non-load bearing parts of the building are made from a single material. This creates a homogeneous structure using partition panels that are made of aerated concrete, a building material of excellent quality. Product range Partition panels are flat and rectangular. Each panel incorporates three 4mm diameter reinforcing bars that strengthen the panel to allow transportation and safe handling. Separation panels are placed on pallets and shrink wrapped in film before delivery. The panels are generally...

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Fire resistance Aerated concrete can be considered inflammable according to the definition in BS 476 Part 21 1987. The extent to which fire can be contained by non-bearing walls is partially dependent on how the joints have been constructed. The panels satisfy or exceed all the fire regulations that apply for residential construction. Where fireproof foam is used, the width of the joint between the wall and the ceiling may not exceed 10 mm and the foam must be covered using modified gypsum or fire retardant mastic. Minimum fire resistance of separation panels Thickness Fire resistance mm...

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Sound insulation Because of its unique surface structure, aerated concrete possesses greater inherent sound i ­nsulating properties that one would expect based on the weight of the material. This gives the material excellent noise insulating and noise absorbing properties when used in interior wall applications. Non-load bearing party walls Non-bearing separation walls should be made of two 100 mm thick leaves in combination with a flexible finish (thin coat plaster or other suitable surface finish) ¬ he cavity must be at least 75 T mm in width and may be insulated with 45 mm mineral wool...

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Flexible installation Regardless of how high the intrinsic quality of a product is, final installation determines perceived product quality. This is true of YTONG interior walls as well. The installation instructions for placing one storey high separation panels, which are also included in the ETA certification available with the product, provides a clear guideline. While panel processing is fast and convenient, we have summarised the installation methods that give the best end result below. Joints to the main structure Allowance should be made in the design at the head of wall for d ­...

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