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Underground garage and basement ceiling insulation - 12 Pages

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Underground garage and basement  ceiling insulation

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Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulation Boards Underground garage and basement ceiling insulation Underground garage/basement ceiling insulation

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Large parking garage below Westphalia Hall B3 in Dortmund Ytong Multipor: The insulation system for basement and underground parking facilities Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulation Boards are ideal for a light and friendly atmosphere a dark "bunker appearance" is out. Underground garage ceilings and The monolithic and mineral Ytong driveways are frequently insulated Multipor insulating system is par- poorly if at all. Valuable heating en- ticularly well suited for large area ergy escapes through walls and ceil- insulation work as well as for base- ings. This results in a cold, unpleas- ment or...

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"Tradesmen don't like using unfamiliar materials ..." Prejudices and advantages Common underground garage insulation materials such as excelsior insulating boards and mineral wool have been available for many years. Isn't it about time to try something new? ... new, unfamiliar and no ... not approved ... and disposal experience Simply request! No problem! Not entirely true! The Ytong Multipor Mineral Insula- Ytong Multipor is not classied as The Ytong Multipor insulating sys- tion Boards are a silicate insulating special or hazardous waste. Ytong tem has proven itself well over a material...

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Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulating System Their extraordinary mineral properties and simple processing make Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulation Boards the optimum insulating material for basements and underground garages. Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulating ■ good stability Plates ■ high yield (30 l/20 kg) Minerally and ecologically Ytong ■ water repellent Multipor Mineral Insulation Boards ■ open for vapour diffusion offer a new quality for thermal in- ■ frost-resistant sulation: ■ non-combustible ■ homogeneous ■ high thermal insulation factor Delivery and processing instruc- ■ non-combustible...

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The top class for underground garages Advantages Quick adhesion Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulation boards were undamaged, the bond Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulation Boards can be left as a visible sur- held and the full insulation function Boards can be installed quickly and face or nished with a standard was restored after a few days of air easily by simply gluing them to the commercial silicate facade paint drying. In such circumstances, other walls and ceilings with Ytong Multi- which allows vapour diffusion. To insulating systems require expen- por light mortar. The quick adhesion obtain...

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Thermal and acoustic insulation, fire protection Building physics Thermal insulation Protection against moisture Acoustic insulation Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulation Solid Ytong Multipor Mineral Insu- Running engines, squeeling tires Boards consist of 100 % homogene- lation Boards not only provide ex- and driving noises from cars enter- ous material with a thermal con- cellent thermal insulation, they are ing and exiting frequently lead to ductivity of λ = 0.45 W/mK over the also open for vapour diffusion. annoying noise levels in under- entire board thickness. Excellent This ensures that...

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Details are important and so simple Ytong Multipor Ytong Multipor Installation Instructions installation sequence Before starting installation check to ensure that the surfaces are at right angles to one another and mark with a marking line. Lay with boards offset, glue crosswise to the running direction, joints offset. Fastening connection – Version 1 Corner connection – Version 2 No light mortar on board protrusion. Tip: Optimum insulation on lintels! ➊ Insulation on bottom of lintel ➋ Insulation on side of lintel ➌ Insulation on ceiling Corner connection– Version 3 Hammer-set anchor e.g....

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In no time at all: ready to use! Processing Mix light mortar … and apply no drilling or anchoring 20 kg of light mortar mixed with 8 l of water (mark on measuring bucket) yields approx. 30 l of adhesive mortar. Apply over full surface and comb through with toothed trowel (10 mm or 12 mm teeth). Thermal bridges at least 70 %. Base height of light mortar approx. 8–10 mm. This allows irregularities up to 3 mm in the subsurface to be compensated. Position board on ceiling … press down … slide into position. Finished! Position mineral insulation board with light mortar applied immediately on...

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Ytong Multipor underground garage insulation: nothing is simpler Fitted pieces Levelling cut edges Rational mortar application Simple to cut exactly with hand saw. Perfectly ush with a sanding board. Layout a number of boards next to one another and apply light mortar. Wall insulation With terminal channel Without terminal channel Fasten terminal channel to wall with impact anchors. Position insulation board with light mortar applied in channel and press down. Roof lath as installation aid (5 to 10 minutes). Insulating joists Surface treatment The Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulation Boards...

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A picture is worth a thousand words The Ytong Multipor insulating system has proven itself on more than 1 million square metres on ceiling and wall surfaces. And naturally we also have references. Forum Duisburg Ceiling insulation above entrance to large garage University of Leipzig Lintel covering with wall connection Easy adaptation to all types of supports 10 Underground garage/basement ceiling insulation

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Ytong Multipor – aesthetic, light and friendly Underground garage/basement ceiling insulation 11

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information according to the best of our knowledge and the state of the art at the time of publication. Since legal rules and regulations are subject to change, this information is not legally binding. Edition 09/2009 Note: This brochure was published by Xella Deutschland GmbH. Our publications provide advise and Xella Customer Information Telephone: 08 00-5 23 56 65 (freecall) Telefax: 08 00-5 35 65 78 (freecall) 12 Underground garage/basement ceiling insulation Ytong and Multipor are registered trademarks of the Xella Group It is necessary to check the applicable...

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