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SILKA calcium silicate elements - 36 Pages

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SILKA calcium silicate elements

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SILKA calcium silicate elements

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A.2R.C / BPI / De Wael / BPC Together, we can face any construction challenge Calcium silicate products are the slogan: "Building? With SILKA naturally!" its own facilities for market research A slogan with a clear message: SILKA Certainly if they bear the signature of and product development. calcium silicate elements are an Xella, a firm with more than half a The synergy within the concern excellent building material with a century of experience behind it. enables Xella to convert the require- particularly low environmental load. Xella has a clear mission: to build ments in the building...

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Contents Chapter 1 Introduction 4 1.1 Calcium silicate, environmentally friendly products 4 1.2 Production process 4 1.3 Use of SILKA blocks 5 1.4 SILKA calcium silicate elements 6 1.5 Clamping devices and dowels 7 Chapter 2 Construction methods 8 2.1 Ordering and delivery procedure 2.2 On-site instructions 11 9 2.3 Materials and tools 12 2.4 Constructing 14 2.4.1 Work sequence 14 2.4.2 Profile adjustment 14 2.4.3 Kicker course construction 14 2.4.4 Distribution plan 15 2.4.5 Setting up the crane 15 2.4.6 Thin joint mortar - Silkafix 15 2.4.7 Erecting walls 16 2.4.8 Scaffold work and...

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Chapter 1 Introduction The natural components of SILKA elements are sand and lime. Both raw materials are available in an almost unlimited supply. However, the requirements for this type of sand are less stringent than they are for many other applications. 1.2 Production process autoclave for hardening. This is done elements, environmentally The modern production process starts by means of steam under high friendly products: with the fully automated measuring pressure, to obtain the end product. SILKA blocks and elements consist and mixing of quicklime, sand and The ‘SILKA block’ made in...

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water lime sand mixing measuring reactor slaking water autoclave press mixing hardening moulding 1.3 Use of SILKA blocks elements. SILKA elements are the SILKA blocks can be used on a large subject of this brochure. and varied range of projects including Advantages of calcium silicate are, house-building, commercial and among others, good sound insulation industrial buildings, renovation and (due to a high volume weight /mass), agricultural buildings. Blocks are substantial heat accumulation ability, predominantly used for foundations, considerable load-bearing capacity cellars,...

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1.4 SILKA calcium silicate elements The elements come in various thicknesses with a working length of 1000 mm and in heights of 545 mm and 645 mm. SILKA is a lime-sand product, with a very smooth finish, capable of delivering significant onsite time and money savings upon completion. Overview of SILKA calcium silicate elements Nominal thickness E100/543 E150/543 E175/543 E214/543 E240/543* E300/543 Nominal length x height in mm 997 x 543 997 x 543 997 x 543 997 x 543 Working length x height in mm 1000 x 545 1000 x 545 1000 x 545 1000 x 545 1000 x 545 1000 x 545 997 x 543 997 x 543 Working...

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1.5 Clamping devices and dowels At the top end of each SILKA-element there are 2 holes, every 500 mm, for mechanical lifting and for dowel placement. Dowels In the system, dowels are used for simplifying the exact placement of the SILKA elements and to prevent them from ‘floating’. The dowels are manufactured from recyclable synthetic material (polypropylene); the blue colour is obtained by adding a cadmium-free colouring agent. A maximum of 1,85 dowels (1 per whole element) is needed per m2. SILKA Calcium Silicate Elements 7

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Chapter 2 Construction methods SILKA walls are composed of standard Walls are constructed using elements and cut-to-size blocks in – approved wall drawings. The kicker a crane and useful tools (lump hammer, cold chisel, etc.) accordance with the previously – “thin joint mortar” of traditional composition. course consists of smaller calcium silicate blocks (standard heights walls can be obtained, which are This allows wall parts to be supplied extremely well suited to finishing with: as semi-prefabricated packages - a thin layer of plaster (illustration 1). 8 With this building method, even...

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2.1 Ordering and delivery procedure illustration 1 The building system is offered and sold by Xella per nett m2 per thickness dimension. Price calculations are based on the drawings, which must at least have a scale of 1:100, supplied by the contractor or architect. Included in m2 price: - whole elements and cut blocks delivered free on site, unloaded next to lorry; - cutting of blocks; - working drawings of walls. Not included are prices of material aids, thin joint mortar and accessories. They will be quoted separately. Once the client has committed the order, Xella will make the working...

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Illustration 2: wall drawings 10 SILKA Calcium Silicate Elements

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Schematic overview of the ordering and delivery procedure Offer stage The builder provides the information for the building project to be executed in SILKA (including the construction drawing on scale 1:100) and requests a quotation. Based on price calculation, a quotation is made. Execution of order Providing Xella with the order either direct or via builders merchant. Builder will provide Xella with 1:100 scale drawings for the proposed project. Based on the definite work drawings,working drawings of walls are drafted and given to the builder and/or client for approval. Once approved by...

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A B C D 2.3 Materials and tools The following tools and materials are necessary for this method of construction: A. A mechanical or hydraulic crane E E. A double clamping device for adjusting two elements simultaneously in an anchorless cavity wall. F. SILKA mortar applicator, suitable for the thickness of the elements per squad (various models are used. available). An even spread of the correct B. Approved clamping device for thickness of mortar can only be lifting the SILKA elements with achieved by using this mortar a crane. applicator for bed joints. C. A block gripper with power cut G....

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