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Innovative wall solutions

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Thermal insulation: Innovative wall solutions A well-insulated construction is extremely important, both in budget and environmental terms. Also, there are strict building regulations in view of the governmental codes for sustainable homes. The thermal insulation must guarantee low energy consumption of the building in the future. Xella offers intelligent answers for wall construction. Its different brands, Silka, Ytong, Hebel and Multipor, help to achieve the targeted code for sustainable homes of each project. When excellent thermal insulation is needed : YTONG + MULTIPOR MULTIPOR insulation panels have a thermal insulation value that competes with traditional insulation material (λUi=0,045 W/mK). The main difference resides in the fact that MULTIPOR is a rocky cellular material, and therefore non-combustable, robust, water vapour permeable and fibre free. It is in fact very light aerated autoclaved concrete. YTONG walls cladded with Multipor-panels guarantee excellent insulation values, and give a unique combination of advantages. Advantages of an Ytong-Multipor marriage ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ rocky insulation material slim homogene outside wall high working speed no thermal bridges simple execution of details excellent water vapour permeability ecological and sustainable 42,5 cm /m K W 0,15 2 When an Ytong-block of 20 cm is combined with a Multipor-panel of 8 cm the finished wall construction gives a U-value lower than 0,25 W/m2K. Wall Thickness Insulation value - λU(W/mK) Internal plaster 1 0,520 Ytong C2/400 20 0,100 Insulation Multipor 20 0,045 External render 1,5 1,200 42,5 cm 0,15 W/m2K Total wall thickness

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Details and caracteristics YTONG aerated cellular concrete blocks Dimensions YTONG blocks Length x width : 60 x 25 cm Thickness non load-bearing blocks : 5 – 7 – 10 cm Thickness load-bearing blocks : 15 – 17,5 – 20 – 24 – 30 and 36,5 cm Standard density C2/400 YTONG blocks are produced in different densities. For most applications the standard density C2/400 can be used. Dry volumic mass ρ: 350 < ρ < 400 kg/m3. Thermal conductivity λUi : 0,10 W/mK Compressive strength: ƒbk > 2 N/mm2 (caracteristic value) Thin joint building system Ytong aircrete block walls are built with the specially...

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