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External thermal insulation composite system - 8 Pages

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External thermal insulation  composite system

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Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulation Boards External thermal insulation composite system External thermal insulation composite system

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Ytong Multipor in external thermal insulation composite system Ytong Multipor: the sustainable external thermal insulation composite system System layout In external thermal insulation composite systems, Ytong Multipor mineral insulation boards provide reliable solutions.. ■ Ytong Multipor light mortar for gluing on ■ Ytong Multipor mineral insulation board ■ Ytong Multipor light mortar for reinforcement ■ Reinforcement mesh Plaster nishes ■ Ytong Multipor light mortar (oated) ■ System-compatible mineral-base nish plasters Exterior walls are subject to major temperature variations and...

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Ytong Multipor – the solid exterior insulation with stable shape … ... for old and new buildings allowing construction of highly insu- gitudinal changes in the structural Ytong Multipor mineral insulation lated exterior walls without gaps or parts resulting from thermal forces. boards are suitable as thermal in- thermal bridges. Cracks which can usually occur in sulation composite systems on so- Low energy costs mixed masonry can be prevented. lid subsurfaces for renovating fa- ... sounds solid Even cracks in the facades on old cades and as thermal insulation on When subjected to a "tapping...

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Ytong Multipor external thermal insulation composite system Exceptional material properties and simple processing make Ytong Multipor the optimum material for exterior insulation. Ytong Multipor Mineral Insulation ■ good stability Boards ■ high yield (30 l/20 kg) Minerally and ecologically, Ytong ■ water repellent Multipor mineral insulation boards ■ open for vapour diffusion offer a new quality for thermal in- ■ frost-resistant sulation: ■ non-combustible ■ homogeneous ■ high thermal insulation factor Delivery and processing instruc- ■ non-combustible tions: ■ stable shape,...

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External thermal insulation composite system with Ytong Multipor: glue on – plaster over: insulated! Mixing light mortar. 20 kg mixed with 8 l of water (mark on measuring bucket) yields approx. 30 l of adhesive mortar. Apply over full surface with toothed trowel (10 or 12 mm teeth) results in adhesive surface of at least 70 %. Base height of light mortar approx. 8–10 mm. This allows irregularities up to 5 mm in the subsurface to be compensated. Press insulation board on to wall surface and slide against adjacent board. Ytong Multipor insulation boards must be fastened additionally with...

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Thermal and acoustic insulation for protection against fire and moisture Thermal insulation Protection against moisture Acoustic insulation Ytong Multipor mineral insulation Ytong Multipor is treated to ensure In spite of their high porosity of boards consist of 100 % homogene- that it is water repellent inside and 95 % by volume, Ytong Multipor ous material with a heat conductivi- out. Short rain showers and bad mineral insulation boards do not ty of 0.045 W/mK. weather periods are no problem at have any negative effect for acou- Minimum energy losses all. Ytong Multipor mineral insulati-...

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information according to the best of our knowledge and the state of the art at the time of publication. Since legal rules and regulations are subject to change, this information is not legally binding. Edition 07/2009 Note: This brochure was published by Xella Dämmsysteme GmbH. Our publications provide advise and Xella Customer Information Telephone: 08 00-5 23 56 65 (freecall) Telefax: 08 00-5 35 65 78 (freecall) 8 External thermal insulation composite system Ytong and Multipor are registered trademarks of the Xella Group It is necessary to check the applicable...

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