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LE 4-8 X - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

UAV certified by French Authorities Df Civil Aviation (DGAC-FAA). The LE 4-H X is a machine that ensures observation or shooting missions with the camera of your choice. Its pluggable arms allow you to use it for every kind of scenario or searching task. Its compactness and quick implementation make it an ideal vehicle for any type of survey. Its carbon frame is entirely designed by Xamen Technologies. The LE 4-H X is equipped with a parachute in accordance with French DGAC standards (less than 69 joules impact) Powered by 4 motors with a 5 year warranty, the LE 4-H X has a console radio with video back in real time, with telemetry radio, video screen and OSD. Dimensions: Length: 31 cm. Width: 24.5 cm. Height: 30 cm. Wingspan: 00 to 120 cm. TakEoff weight : Maximum takeoff weight = 0.7 kg. Empty weight: Weight: 2.0 kg. Flight duration: Op to 20 minutes. Distance: 40D0 m. DEP Ending on flight conditions and countries. Parachute: 0 m2, fall velocity < 5m / s. Deployment time: 4 minutes. Navigation system: GPS - RTH, FAILSAFE, HOME POINT. Telemetry and avionic sensors: GPS - Altimeter - Sensor voltage. Flight recorder: Recording SD, minimum ID0 hours. Radio: Digital transmission, 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz. Note: video and data. Camera (choice depending on flight options): Op to 1.2 kg. Xanien Technologies SAS Xamen Technologies Rise Above It 28. Rue desLaurets B4DDD PALI - FRANCE Non-contractual photos. Xamen Technologies reserves the right to modify all or part of Its models without notice In the aim of optimization. W W W ■AQIIIullal I

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