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BE-4000 - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

UAV certified by French Authorities of Civil Aviation (DGAC-FAA). LIGHT and EASY TD HANDLE The BE-4000 is a four engine UAV which is capable of carrying out observation or shooting missions in urban areas with a record time of deployment. The chassis of carbon or full carbon is entirely designed by Xamen Technologies. Powered by 4 high quality motors, the arms are « plug and play » so that the machine can be transported in a small suitcase. Deployment time and implementation are about 2-3 minutes. The BE-4000 has a radio console with video back in real time, with a radio telemetry 0 channel video screen and OSD. Dimensions: Length: 31.5 cm. Width: 19 cm. Height: 9 cm. Wingspan: G5 cm. Takeoff weight: Weight: 2 kg. Empty weight: Weight :1.2 kg. Flight duration: 15 minutes. Nates: According load. Deployment time: 2 minutes. Navigation system: GPS - RTH, FAILSAFE, HOME POINT. Telemetry and avionics sensors: GPS - Altimeter. Flight recorder: Record 100 hours. Radio: Digital transmission, 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz. Note: video and data. Camera (choice depending on flight options): Op to 400 g. Xanien Technologies SAS Xamen Technologies Rise Above It Non-contractual photos. Xamen Technologies reserves the right to modify all or part of Its models without notice In the aim of optimization. W W W ■ADIIIullal I

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