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SPECTRUM PRODUCT SERIES Decorative Concrete Catalog - 10 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

38 Rayborn Crescent, St. Albert, AB Canada T8N 5B4 Telephone: (780) 458-8773 • 1-800-661-6971• Fax: (780) 458-1173 www.wrmeadows.com Elegance & Strength

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ABOUT US For over 80 years, W. R. MEADOWS has been recognized by architects, engineers and contractors worldwide as a major influencer and leading manufacturer in the concrete construction market. We are proud to announce another accomplishment in our quest to be a leader in the world of concrete. Our SPECTRUM Decorative Concrete System offers our customers the ability to bring concrete to life with our wide variety of textured stamping mats and vibrant array of concrete colours. Turn your concrete project into a work of art by creating the look and feel of natural stone, without the associated...

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STANDARD COLOURS CUSTOM DESIGNER COLOURS FACTORS AFFECTING COLOURS • Due to the many factors affecting the finished colour of concrete surfaces, such as weather, cement type and supplier, the shades shown in the chart will vary with field application. Always do an onsite sample under actual job conditions with the specified concrete mix design. Light Grey LG02 • Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the colours shown in the chart, deviations may occur. • Technical assistance is available for design, preparation of specifications and site supervision.

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SPECTRUM LIQUID STAMP RELEASE “CHERRY BLAST” SPECTRUM “Cherry Blast” Liquid Release is a blend of natural and synthetic chemicals that provides quick, easy and clean release of polyurethane stamping mats and texturing tools from concrete surfaces. “Cherry Blast” Liquid Release is a clear and non-staining liquid used where powder releases may cause staining to adjacent surfaces, or where no secondary colour is required. “Cherry Blast” Liquid Release is applied to the concrete surface and textured mats immediately before stamping. It offers the ability to re-float previously stamped areas where...

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SPECTRUM PATINA ACID STAIN SPECTRUM Patina Acid Stain is a ready-to-use chemical stain consisting of naturally occurring metallic compounds dissolved in acid. Patina Acid Stain penetrates the surface of new or old, as well as interior and exterior concrete surfaces, to produce an aged appearance of a timeworn surface. Patina Acid Stain colours are unique to each and every concrete surface because they produce a chemical reaction within the surface layer when it reacts with the calcium (free lime) in the concrete. The final colour will be dependant on the chemical composition, mix design, porosity,...

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STAMP SELECTOR STAMP SELECTOR Ashlar Slate Belgian Cobble Large Belgian Cobble Brick Basket Weave London Cobble London Cobble Weave London Slate Bavarian Slate Mexican Cobble

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STAMP SELECTOR STAMP SELECTOR Park City Slate 94 cm x 62 cm (37" x 24-7/16") • Weight: 8 kg (18 lbs) Claystone Slate Random Brick Random Lava Random River Rock Random Spanish Slate Large Brick Border Paver Border London Cobble Border Small Brick Border

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STAMP SELECTOR PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT At W. R. MEADOWS, we understand how important it is to protect your decorative concrete design. That is why, for more than 80 years, W. R. MEADOWS has been developing and manufacturing concrete sealing products that offer protection for your investment. Our extensive line of solvent and water-based sealers provide improved protection from oil, grease, rain, snow, ultra violet rays, industrial chemicals, cleaning agents, de-icing salts, airborne soot and other pollutants. Our extensive line of concrete sealers provide your decorative concrete with a clear,...

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PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT HIAC™ and HIAC-PLUS Acrylic Concrete Sealer HIAC and HIAC-PLUS are high-quality acrylic co-polymer based solutions, designed to protect exterior concrete surfaces. Both offer improved resistance to stains, acid, oil, grease, de-icing salts, and most industrial chemicals. HIAC imparts a low-to-medium sheen (based on number of coats) that will enhance colour, while at the same time, form a protective shield that will not yellow the surface of concrete. HIAC-PLUS imparts a medium-to-high sheen (based on number of coats) that will intensify colour and form a protective shield...

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CURING AND SEALING TIPS General Tips (Applies to All) ACCESSORIES SURE-STEP™ Slip-Resistant Additive • Follow all manufacturers’ instructions. • Avoid premature drying of the surface between finishing operations; protect from wind and sun. Consider the use of an evaporation retardant. • Allow sufficient time between coats, as per manufacturer’s recommendation. • Never re-temper the surface of the concrete to aid in finishing. • Do not use evaporation retardants as finishing aids. • Do not use a membrane forming curing compound if a penetrating sealer is to be applied. • When water curing, the...

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