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Catalogue excerpts

WMF Gourmet Moments 2015 www.wmf.com

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Gourmet Moment Preparing with WMF knives, kitchen gadgets, mills and containers Gourmet Moment Cooking with WMF cookware, pressure cookers, frying pans and steamers Gourmet Moment Dining with WMF cutlery, porcelain and table accessories Gourmet Moment Drinking with WMF glasses, wine, tea and coffee accessories

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Kitchen gadgets Pressure cookers

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Dining Cutlery Special cutlery pieces Children‘s World

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Chop, slice, mix stir. Until everything is just right. Front door closed, fridge open – make sure everything is ready: Unpack the ingredients and follow your nose. Stir, whisk and chop yourself into a Zen-like trance. Even stubborn vegetables or unruly sauces will fall under your spell. Marinade and season liberally – let pepper and spice mills be your master. Set everything out.

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Made of Steel A visit to the WMF knife forge in Hayingen Welcome to the forge! "Pick up a pair of ear plugs. It'll soon be getting noisy!" The manager of the WMF knife forge, Peter Gemmel, points to a container that looks like a chewing gum dispenser and is attached to the wall at the entrance to the forge. We put our ear plugs in and continue. Gemmel wasn't kidding. It's now extremely noisy. In the middle of the next hall we see the smith, who has a look of complete concentration on his face. He is sitting in front of a kind of sluice, from which the hot blade blanks are speeding towards him...

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The perfect knife. Flying sparks, noisy machines – and a small refuge. Knives with Performance Cut. Here in Hayingen knives are produced with Performance Cut technology, which is only available from WMF. The technique is based on a combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology. First of all, the smith works along the entire length of each red-hot piece of steel with a hammer in the traditional way. The knives are then placed in the furnace. This heat treatment in a special furnace changes the structure of the blade steel. The steel becomes harder and can be honed to a sharper...

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The perfect knife for everyone. Following our tour of the plant we all take one of the knives forged in Hayingen in our hands once again. What makes the perfect knife? Ultimately, it comes down to everything the smith told us – it should look good and the handle should t comfortably into your hand as if it were made just for you. We now hold the knife very delicately in our hands to feel where its balance point lies. After all, every knife must be well balanced. Its centre of gravity should be positioned in such a way that the hand does not tire during cutting. However, the key factor – there's...

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Preparing food using WMF knives. Get out your ingredients. Take your knife. Start chopping away. Each cut has its own distinct sound. Onions crunch, peppers crack, parsley rustles. Carve your roasts into wafer-thin slices and savour the sensation of the blade cutting through meat as if it were butter. Our blades are forged along their entire length, and thanks to Performance Cut technology they are extra sharp. The handles of our knives t into your hand as if they were made to measure. Our knife ranges, such as the Chef’s Edition, Damasteel, Grand Gourmet, Grand Class and Spitzenklasse Plus, ensure...

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Carve, carve, glide! Let your thoughts go just like the salmon its slices.

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Chef’s Edition Our knives don't just look good. If you take hold of the middle of bolster, the grip ts snugly into your hand, with the blade lying between your thumb and index nger. And it cuts safely and effortlessly through anything you put in front of it. Chef's knife 32 cm / Blade 20 cm 18 8202 6032 Double serrated edge Bread and multi-purpose knife 37 cm / Blade 24 cm 18 8202 6032 Carving knife 33 cm / Blade 20 cm 18 8202 6032 Larding and utility knife 21 cm / Blade 10 cm 18 8205 6032 All Chef's Edition knives are presented in an elegant wooden gift box

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Thanks to modern technology, we can now do things relatively easily that once required extreme skill and effort. Different types of steel are combined to make blades that are outstandingly durable and strong. This produces knives that are not only exceptionally sharp but which also have the appearance of handcrafted Damascus blades. Design Makio Hasuike Chef's knife 33.5 cm / Blade 20 cm 18 8039 9990 Santoku knife 32 cm / Blade 18 cm 18 9194 9990 Carving knife 29.5 cm / Blade 17 cm 18 8033 9990 Utility knife 23 cm / Blade 11 cm 18 8031 9990 All Damasteel knives are presented in an elegant wooden...

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Grand Gourmet Design Makio Hasuike Utility knife 23 cm / Blade 11 cm 18 8031 6032 Chinese chopping knife 28.5 cm / Blade 15 cm 18 8042 6032 Carving knife 29.5 cm / Blade 17 cm 18 8033 6032 Vegetable knife 19 cm / Blade 9 cm 18 8946 6032 Double serrated edge Kitchen knife 28.5 cm / Blade 16 cm 18 8951 6032 Knife block set, ve-piece includes bread knife, chef’s knife, utility knife, vegetable knife. Knife block made of Cromargan® with brush insert 18 9215 9990 Utility knife 26.5 cm / Blade 14 cm 18 8959 6032

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This series does everything you'd expect of high-quality kitchen knives. The knives look good, the handle ts the contours of your hand like a glove and the blades are and remain extra-sharp. This is guaranteed by Performance Cut technology and the high-quality special blade steel forged in the traditional way along the entire length of the blade. Double serrated edge Bread knife 32 cm / Blade 19 cm 18 8950 6032 Chinese chef's knife 31.5 cm / Blade 18.5 cm Flexible lleting knife 28.5 cm / Blade 16 cm Carving knife 32 cm / Blade 20 cm Meat fork 29 cm / Tines 15 cm Chef's knife 29.5 cm / Blade 15...

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Spitzenklasse Plus Double serrated edge Utility knife 20.5 cm / Blade 10 cm Utility knife 22 cm / Blade 12 cm Chinese chopping knife 30 cm / Blade 17 cm Chinese chopping knife 27.5 cm / Blade 15 cm Vegetable knife 18 cm / Blade 8 cm 18 9543 6032 Meat fork 27 cm / Tines 12 cm 18 9588 6032 Kitchen knife 27.5 cm / Blade 16 cm 18 9584 6032 Paring knife 17.5 cm / Blade 7 cm 18 9542 6032 Knife block set, six-piece includes chef's knife 20 cm, bread knife with double serrated edge 20 cm, carving knife 16 cm, utility knife 10 cm, sharpening steel, walnut knife block 18 9215 9990 Utility knife 25 cm /...

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