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Wilsonart® HD™ High Definition™ Laminate Brochure - 11 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

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Luna Night 1854K-35 New Looks, No Limits Beauty never seen before, performance raised to new levels – Wilsonart® HD® design and technology are revolutionizing today’s living spaces. Now you can expect more and live every day with a look you love. Welcome to the Wilsonart HD portfolio – a world of rich depth, high drama and captivating possibilities. your countertop

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Medallion 1846K-35 An Affordable Luxury Wilsonart® HD® High Definition® Laminate is luxurious in appearance yet a surprising value when compared to other luxury surfaces. A great look at a great price – that’s a choice you can feel good about. Even more exciting, a new Wilsonart HD Laminate countertop, all by itself, can transform your kitchen without major remodeling.

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Finishing Touches For added sophistication – and more compliments – accent your new countertop with a smoothly integrated Wilsonart HD Sink in formed acrylic that is as durable and easy to care for as it is luxurious. Finally, frame your choices with a decorative edge profile, an extra touch that shows off your countertop at its absolute best. Beveled Double Round Over Ogee Luna Winter 1850K-35 Sink: Double Equal HD510, True White Beauty that Endures Cook, clean, raise children, spill, splash, live in your kitchen, without a moment’s worry. Highly resistant to scuffing and impact, Wilsonart HD...

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Luna Winter 1850K-35 Luna Frost 1849K-35 Luna Winter 1850K-35 Luna Glow 1851K-35 Luna Crest 1852K-35 Luna Shadow 1853K-35 Luna Night 1854K-35 Luna Winter Sink: Double Equal HD510, True White Luna As subtle, soft and magical as moonlight, Luna brings the shades and nuances of nighttime to light.

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Mystic Gemstone 1830K-35 Metallic Bronze 1827K-35 Metallic Steel 1828K-35 Metallic Silver 1829K-35 Mystic Gemstone 1830K-35 Raven Gemstone 1831K-35 River Gemstone 1832K-35 Mystic Gemstone Ebony Eclipse 1848K-45 Bronze Eclipse 1847K-45 Ebony Eclipse 1848K-45 Medallion 1846K-35 Ebony Eclipse Sink: Double Equal HD510, True White

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Canyon Passage 1842K-45 Desert Passage 1841K-45 Canyon Passage 1842K-45 Mountain Passage 1843K-45 Alpine Passage 1844K-45 Night Passage 1845K-45 Canyon Passage Passage Through time and nature, the long journey of stone, past fire and wind, sun and water, deep forest and clear sky, enduring and timelessly beautiful.

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Crystalline Onyx 1835K-45 Crystalline Braun 1839K-45 Crystalline Dune 1838K-45 Crystalline Shell 1834K-45 Crystalline Pearl 1837K-45 Crystalline Ice 1836K-45 Crystalline Iris 1840K-45 Crystalline Ice Crystalline The flow of marble, the energy of crystals, the glistening magic of nature, the clarity of quartz in a changing sea of colors.

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Deepstar Jade 1816K-35 Deepstar Flint 1811K-35 Deepstar Jade Deepstar A universe of texture and color, with subtle variations in matte and gloss finish, reflecting nature’s own stone and mineral surfaces, weathered, smooth and polished. Deepstar Fossil 1812K-35 Deepstar Glaze 1813K-35 Deepstar Bronze 1814K-35 Deepstar Agate 1815K-35 Deepstar Jade 1816K-35 Deepstar Mineral 1817K-35 Deepstar Slate 1818K-35

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Sedona Bluff 1824K-35 Sedona Spirit 1823K-35 Sedona Bluff 1824K-35 Sedona Spa 1825K-35 Sedona Trail 1826K-35 Sedona Bluff Sedona A stone tile warmed by the sun, the fluid beauty of alabaster, the serenity of a southwestern landscape, easy on the eye and the spirit. Bella Capri 1822K-35 Bella Venito 1819K-35 Bella Noche 1820K-35 Bella Reale 1821K-35 Bella Capri 1822K-35 Bella Capri Bella The colors of dusk and twilight, a wide stone staircase, a formal garden, a place where richness and elegance come as naturally as sunrise and sunset.

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1-800-433-3222 All designs are shown actual size. Colors shown are printed reproductions. Please request a product sample before making a purchase. WILSONART®, AEON™, HIGH DEFINITION®, HD®, the HD Logo and the Gold Oval Design are trademarks of Wilsonart International, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. This brochure is printed using environmentally responsible paper. Please recycle. ©2009 Wilsonart International, Inc. BRR0418-09 Take the next step To see more, explore your options, and bring your kitchen to life, visit Wilsonart®...

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