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Guide to Cook-Chill - 28 Pages

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Guide to Cook-Chill

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Design Excellence : Cool Technology Guide to Cook-Chill Easy as 1-2-3

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WILLIAMS - YOUR FIRST CHOICE Williams Refrigeration is the market leading manufacturer and provider of quality refrigeration solutions meeting commercial catering and foodservice requirements worldwide. With extensive manufacturing facilities in the UK, Australia and China, Williams has built a global reputation for performance and reliability of its wide range of high performance cabinets, counters, blast chillers and freezers, coldrooms, merchandisers and bakery equipment, all carrying ISO standards of quality and design. Williams is a truly international company with global capability...

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COOK-CHILL EXPLAINED... What is Cook-Chill Cook-Chill is a simple, controlled system of advanced food preparation designed to provide more flexibility in foodservice. The technique involves the full cooking of food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled temperatures (for up to five days). When required, the food must be regenerated before service. The production system itself is simple to operate if well managed, and completely safe provided the Department of Health Guidelines on temperature/time controls are followed. Cook-Chill Systems have the added benefit of maintaining...

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POTENTIAL PROFIT INCREASE UP TO 28% THROUGH HIGHER PRODUCTION CAPACITY, MEAL TURNOVER AND REDUCED FOOD WASTAGE Hospitals Universities Armed forces catering Government Local authorities For large and small establishments the principles and advantages of the system are the same. The only difference is that small to medium sized operations do not have to invest in equipment designed to deal with volume. For the simplest Cook-Chill system, all that is required in addition to the cooking equipment you already have is a Blast Chiller, Chiller Freezer or Freezer, a suitable storage area such as a...

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THE TRUTH BEHIND COOK-CHILL The use of Cook-Chill has no limitations. Any meal can be prepared, cooked, chilled, and refrigerated with little or no nutritional or quality loss, and without altering its appearance. There are several misconceptions: 99 Cook-Chill is dangerous because it is difficult to use. There is no known case of someone suffering from or dying as a result of eating a properly prepared Cook-Chill meal. Unfortunately, many people have suffered food poisoning and have died from eating conventionally produced food that has not been prepared or stored properly while using...

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ADVANTAGES OF COOK-CHILL Suitable for any foodservice operation The system can be utilised effectively by establishments of any size or type. Effective time management and control system The system allows caterers to better organise their time and that of their staff. Prime cooking can take place when the business is quiet, for example, leaving less to do when you have customers to attend to, while at the same time providing a safe and controlled environment and system of work. Effective resource management Labour and equipment can be used more efficiently while ingredients can be bought in...

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THE COOK-CHILL SYSTEM What you will need If you are already serving hot food, the only additional equipment you will require for a small to medium sized Cook-Chill operation is a suitable Blast Chiller or Chiller Freezer. You will also need a suitable refrigerator or coldroom (0ºC/+3ºC) for the storage of the finished product. As with any cooking operation, a Cook-Chill system requires care to ensure that food does not become vulnerable to harmful bacteria. Staff should, therefore, be given specific training on the Cook-Chill operation, in addition to basic Food Hygiene training. Williams...

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FOOD SERVICE OPERATION : HOW DOES IT WORK? Purchase of Ingredients Receipt of Ingredients Storage (Ambient, Chilled, Frozen) Preparation Cooking Hot Portioning Blast Chilling +90 to +3°C Cold Portioning Chilled Storage (+3°C) Chilled Portioning Chilled Portioning

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HOW IT WORKS 1. A selection of raw materials Poor quality raw materials are not going to improve with cooking. It is vital, therefore, that you ensure your supplier only supplies you with high quality products and, if necessary, check their storage, handling and distribution methods. It makes sense to keep good quality raw materials in safe storage and in prime condition before they are needed. This means following basic Food Hygiene and HACCP principles for food storage to ensure the raw products are stored at the correct temperature and humidity levels. At the preparation stage, basic...

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chilling cycle gently reduces the product temperature to +3°C in the required 90 minutes with no risk of damaging the delicate product. The speed at which chilling takes place will be affected by the shape, size and density of the food, its moisture content, heat capacity and entry temperature. Placing lids on containers or stacking them on top of one another, will increase the chilling time required. However, covering food can protect against contamination, and is therefore sometimes appropriate as long as chilling can still be achieved within the required time limits. It is also at this...

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Advanced Air-Flow technology Food Probe WHY BUY WILLIAMS Williams Refrigeration has over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing Blast Chillers. During this time, we have built a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality and performance of our Blast Chiller equipment and the leading technology used in the control panel to ensure ease of use and accuracy. Key Features and Benefits of Williams Blast Chillers, Chiller Freezers and Freezers • Curved, sleek looks with excellent functional hygienic design including Williams unique simple to operate 1-2-3 control panel and easy to...

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EASY AS ONE-TWO-THREE Operating Williams Blast Chillers and Freezers is as simple as 1-2-3. With a choice of operating the Blast Chill or Freeze cycle using three buttons or with the food core temperature probe or probes Control Buttons Press to select Blast Chill or Blast Freeze cycle (on Blast Chillers – chilling is the only option) Press to select Hard or Soft Chill or Blast Freeze (on Blast Freezers – Blast Freeze is the only option) Press to select time options 30, 60, 90, 240 minutes and food probe (depending on the size of load and product) Press to start the Blast Chill or Blast...

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