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Blast Chillers & Freezers

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Blast Chillers & Freezers Making Food Safety as Easy as Reach-in Blast Chillers W Reach-in Blast Chiller Freezers % Reach-in Bakery Blast Chiller Freezer Af Modular Blast Chillers Modular Blast Chiller Freezers Modular Blast Freezers %t

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For over 25 years Williams Refrigeration has continued to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of commercial refrigeration solutions. With thousands of Blast Chillers, Chiller Freezers and Freezers installed around the world, Williams has built a global reputation for quality, performance, durability and ease of use. Whilst Cook Chill is commonly associated with institutional and airline catering, no catering operation is too small to adopt a Cook Chill system. From the smallest caterer to the largest production unit, whether on land or at sea, Williams offers the...

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Williams Easy Blast 1-2-3 Controller Blast Chillers & Freezers The unique Williams Easy Blast (WEB) 1-2-3 controller has been designed to make our equipment easy to operate with clear easy to read digital display and just 3 simple steps to initiate a blast chill or freeze cycle. 3 simple steps... Select soft chill or hard chill (or freeze cycle on blast chiller freezer) Select timed cycle of 90 (chill) or 240 (freeze) or food temperature probe controlled cycle Start cycle Built-in high quality thermal printer: standard on modular products - blast cycle activity print-out - meets HACCP...

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Reach-in Blast Chillers and Chiller Freezers Offering the flexibility to suit any catering operation, large or small. The Williams extensive range of powerful Reach-in Blast Chillers and Chiller Freezers are designed to accommodate capacities from 10kg to 50kg. Easy to clean, durable 304 or 430 stainless steel exterior and 304 interior. Accommodate 1/1GN pans or shelves. 75mm environmentally friendly ODP zero foam insulation for excellent thermal efficiency and performance in 43°C environments. Self closing doors fitted with easy to clean and replace magnetic balloon gaskets. Radius corners...

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Thaw Cabinets Blast Chillers & Freezers Ideal for use with gastronorm freezers and blast freezers for the safe and effective thawing of frozen product under controlled conditions. The Thaw cabinets feature forced air heating and cooling circuits which cycle alternately keeping food in the range from 0°C to 3°C. Additional frozen products can be placed into the cabinet with no detrimental effect on products already inside enabling continual supply of thawed food. 1 and 2-door models with tough, hygienic stainless steel interior and exterior complete with 7 nylon coated shelves per door...

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Commissioning is made simpler with easy access to the expansion valve for superheat adjustment during installation. New design incorporates additional and more powerful defrost heaters to reduce defrost cycle time increasing operational efficiency and increased product turnaround time. Additionally, the WEB 1-2-3 controller offers simple operation and user friendliness with a clear audible alarm at the end of each blast chill or freeze cycle to alert staff product is ready to be transferred to suitable storage. To ensure continuous effective and efficient operation auto defrost is initiated...

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Soft Blast Chill Blast Chillers & Freezers Designed to gently chill delicate products from +90°C to +3°C in 90 minutes with the air temperature remaining above 0°C making it ideal for such products as fish, fruit and vegetables ensuring the texture, taste, aroma, appearance and nutritional value are maintained. Hard Blast Chill This chill cycle is more suitable for denser products with a higher fat content such as meat joints and casseroles, mashed potatoes and vacuum packed products. Chilling from +90°C to +3°C in 90 minutes with the air temperature dropping below freezing point during the...

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Reach-in Blast Chillers & Freezers * separate datasheets available on both the Bakery and Jade Blast Chiller models - call for more information ** accommodates 40 x 60 Euronorm bakery trays on trayslides Williams reserve the right to modify the design, materials and finish in accordance with its progressive development policy.

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Roll-in Blast Chillers & Freezers Williams reserve the right to modify the design, materials and finish in accordance with its progressive development policy.

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Technical Specification % Roll-in Blast Chillers & Freezers - Combi WMBC/F90C WMBC/F WMBC/F WMBC/F WMBC/F WMBC/F 1. It is recommended to use 50mm GN pans to achieve effective rapid cooling within the timescales given. For quicker results or to increase the product load reduce depth of product to 25mm 2. The water and fat content, plus density of food will all have an affect on time it takes to reach the desired temperature - always take this into consideration when selecting a cycle Modular Blast Chiller with Freeze option must have an insulated floor - external height increases by 90mm....

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AirSmart Advanced Airflow System Williams Unique AirSmart Advanced Airflow System Airflow from above ... Ensures your food products stay in perfect condition throughout the blast chilling or freezing cycle. Powerful, energy efficient fans and the equalised air pressure chamber design ensure that air flows evenly over all food products. Ensures uniform rapid chilling or freezing whether product is at the top or bottom of the blast chiller. Ensures product stays in perfect condition eliminating any risk of dehydration, skinning or damage. Blast Chilling or Freezing with Williams AirSmart...

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Dealer Stamp Williams Refrigeration Williams reserve the right to modify the design, materials and finish in accordance with its progressive development policy Bryggen Road, North Lynn Industrial Estate, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. PE30 2HZ Tel: +44 (0) 1553 817000 Fax: +44 (0) 1553 817111 Email: Website:

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