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Catalog excerpts

Customized media planning Poster Media

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18/1 billboards Metroboards Advertising pillars General poster advertising Get close to your target customers

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18/1 billboards Billboards are an outdoor advertising classic. Yet the quality of our billboards has greatly improved in recent years. Locations have been enhanced and lights added to the advertising displays. A key advantage of billboard advertising is the ability to select locations individually. Campaigns can be regionally adjusted for specific target customers or budgets. Advertising your brand in a large format provides comprehensive coverage for your message as well as an attractive price-performance ratio. of advertising panels in Germany

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Wait time is ad time Metroboards On average, subway passengers wait five minutes for the next train. So advertising in subway stations is a welcome distraction. In Berlin in particular, WallDecaux offers billboards in subway stations. With an average of 1.4 million subway passengers a day, your advertising message is sure to reach a wide audience. Average waiting and walking time in subway station* * Source: BVG Key Figures 2009

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Average contacts a day for advertising pillars* Soloists with a creative edge Advertising pillars Advertising pillars are the perfect way to make your brand message stand out. By displaying advertising exclusively from a single customer, this extraordinary format offers enormous creative opportunities – and delivers contacts with high recall value. Locations can be chosen individually to pinpoint precise customer groups. You can also combine advertising pillars with Poster to Mobile: using a code integrated into the poster, consumers can request additional information by text message or MMS. * Source:...

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* Source: ma Plakat 2010 (full booking)

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Attending cultural events is particularly important for General poster advertising For advertising targeted at a local or regional level, general posting pillars are the perfect medium, whether in a neighborhood, urban area, or specific local district. Comprehensive coverage in urban or residential areas as well as an attractive price-performance ratio make general poster advertising an efficient method for getting your message across. This medium is especially suited for a mix of advertising and information, such as posters publicizing events.

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WallDecaux A division of Wall AG Innovate Pushing the envelope in creative outdoor advertising Wall AG headquarters Friedrichstrasse 118 // 10117 Berlin T +49 30 33899-0 // F +49 30 33899-295 Sales offices Sales office east Friedrichstrasse 118 // 10117 Berlin T +49 30 33899-0 // F +49 30 33899-295 Sales office north Brandshofer Deich 48 // 20539 Hamburg T +49 40 736033-0 // F +49 40 736033-99 Sales office west Kaistrasse 7 // 40221 Düsseldorf T +49 211 99977-0 // F +49 211 99977-99 Sales office south Rathausplatz 10 – 12 // Rheincenter 67059 Ludwigshafen T +49 621 59134-0 // F +49 621 59134-99

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WallDecaux A division of Wall AG Wall AG headquarters Friedrichstrasse 118 // 10117 Berlin T +49 30 33899-0

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