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Catalogue excerpts

Advertising that truly shines City Light Media

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Rostock Hamburg Bremen Berlin Potsdam Wolfsburg Münster Gütersloh Bottrop Dortmund Düsseldorf Remscheid Cologne Aachen Cottbus Göttingen Leipzig Dresden Gera Rüsselsheim Kaiserslautern Würzburg Ludwigshafen Mannheim Nuremberg Saarbrücken Heilbronn Karlsruhe 4 /1 City Light Posters 8/1 City Light Pillars 18/1 City Light Boards   CLP Touch Bluetooth Poster to Mobile AirportNet ShoppingNet Advertising that never sleeps Stuttgart Ingolstadt Baden-Baden Rastatt Ulm Augsburg Reutlingen Neu-Ulm Munich Freiburg *  eached by WallDecaux City Light Media; Munich: Advertising services offered on behalf of...

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The perfect medium for your message 4/1 City Light Posters The major advantage of City Light Posters is their omnipresence in the urban setting. Evenly dispersed to offer comprehensive coverage of an entire urban area, CLPs guarantee high contact volumes and superb advertising reach. CLPs are the perfect advertising medium for reaching an urban, mobile populace, and can be found at bus shelters, city information panels, and in high-traffic public areas such as subway stations, airports, and shopping centers. The backlit City Light Poster is also an ideal way to advertise at night. The result?...

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*  ource: ma Plakat 2010, WallDecaux CLP full booking S Basis: Germany nationwide Münster, Ludgeristrasse Berlin, Friedrichstrasse

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contacts per week on average* Düsseldorf, Königsallee Hamburg, Hafenstrasse *  ource: ma Plakat 2010, WallDecaux CLP full booking S Basis: WallDecaux cities

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Larger than life contacts a day* 8/1 City Light Pillars City Light Pillars are an extraordinary advertising format, featuring full rotation and backlighting to ensure superb presence and reach. They stand exclusively in high-traffic locations, including intersections, pedestrian areas, and shopping districts. *  ource: ma Plakat 2010, WallDecaux City Light Pillar full booking S Basis: Germany nationwide Düsseldorf, Königsallee Berlin, Kurfürstendamm

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The silver screen of advertising media 18/1 City Light Boards   Don‘t let motorists lose sight of the big picture: present your campaign in large-screen format and count on an average contact duration of 23 seconds.* Scrolling poster functionality and backlighting ensure maximum visibility for your advertising message. City Light Boards are the same size as classic billboards and 18/1 Traffic Boards on buses and trams, making them easy to combine with other formats. *  ource: ma Plakat, K value for “potential contact duration”, S cars and pedestrians on average **  ource: ma Plakat 2010, WallDecaux...

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*  ource: ma Plakat 2010, WallDecaux CLB full booking S Basis: Germany nationwide Cologne, Siegburger Strasse Berlin, Leipziger Strasse

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Viral marketing with a WOM* effect are inspired to visit the internet site** CLP Touch, Bluetooth, Poster to Mobile City Light Posters with interactive features are exciting, eye-catching, and entertaining. Over 68 percent of users tell their friends about them – thus acting as multipliers for your advertising message. Awareness spreads quickly through word of mouth, even with just a few ad locations. In this way, advertising campaigns can quickly become the talk of the town. With Poster to Mobile or City Light Posters with Bluetooth functionality, consumers can get additional information about...

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Make an easy landing with attractive customer groups advertising recall* AirportNet Quality rather than quantity – that’s the aim of airport advertising. A large proportion of airline passengers are business travelers who are frequently at airports. This makes AirportNet an ideal B2B advertising format. AirportNet lets you precisely target all travelers, both inside and outside the airport building, as well as in arrival and departure areas. * Source: Media Frankfurt GmbH – Werbemonitor Hamburg, Flughafenstrasse

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Rostock Hamburg Your direct connection at the POS Münster Gütersloh Bottrop Dortmund Düsseldorf Remscheid Cologne A ShoppingNet campaign puts your advertising directly at the POS, decisively influencing your target customers by keeping your advertising message fresh in their minds while in the shopping center. Seventy-two percent of shopping center visitors make their buying decisions on the spot. With ShoppingNet, you can advertise in close proximity to your stores, whether locally, regionally, or nationally. Berlin Potsdam unaided recall for CLPs in shopping centers* Cottbus Göttingen Leipzig...

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WallDecaux A division of Wall AG Innovate Pushing the envelope in creative outdoor advertising Wall AG headquarters Friedrichstrasse 118 // 10117 Berlin T +49 30 33899-0 // F +49 30 33899-295 Sales offices Sales office east Friedrichstrasse 118 // 10117 Berlin T +49 30 33899-0 // F +49 30 33899-295 Sales office north Brandshofer Deich 48 // 20539 Hamburg T +49 40 736033-0 // F +49 40 736033-99 Sales office west Kaistrasse 7 // 40221 Düsseldorf T +49 211 99977-0 // F +49 211 99977-99 Sales office south Rathausplatz 10 – 12 // Rheincenter 67059 Ludwigshafen T +49 621 59134-0 // F +49 621 59134-99 Hamburg,...

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WallDecaux A division of Wall AG Wall AG headquarters Friedrichstrasse 118 // 10117 Berlin T +49 30 33899-0

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