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Catalog excerpts

Move your life.  

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 D ear readers, It seems like yesterday! But actually it has been 15 years since we took up tools to follow in the footsteps of our grandfather and continue a tradition that he originally embarked upon in the 1950s. Our aim: to inject new impetus into the Wagner office chair brand. The result? Comfort and plenty of feel-good factor married with a positively new approach to three-dimensional sitting. And today, Wagner is a key player in this fascinating market. It's precisely this approach of movement we want to refine and re-interpret in the future. Comfort and movement should provide us with...

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›Move your life‹ defines the attitude of people who life their live in motion. They search for changes and new impulses – and in this way reinvent them­selves.

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 C HARLES SCHUMANN With their patented joints, the chairs made by Wagner are the ideal foundation for ›sitting in motion‹. And who would be better to act as an ambassador for movement and motion than Charles Schumann – Germany's best known barman? Schumann – who has also worked as a model, for the German border agency and at the German foreign ministry – tells us what it feels like stepping outside his comfort zone and what top drinks and top design have in common. Wagner  Mr Schumann, let's talk about movement. Charles Schumann  Actually, let's not talk about movement, let's talk about change....

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Sitting in motion.   Wagner redefines the way of sitting. The threedimensionally technology Dondola stands in the main focus for Wagner office chairs. This joint decouples the rigid connection from the base part of the chair and thus causes micro movements during sitting which relieve and strengthen the spine. As proven by a conducted scientific study: The Dondola joint lastingly supports the health of your back. A unique movement technology is invisibly integrated above the chair's mechanism. The three-dimensionally moveable seat including armrest is supporting back health-scientifically proven. Seat-integrated...

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Whether you need furniture for a lounge area or a conference facility, the W-Cube family has something for everyone. The lines and forms are sleek and straightforward to blend in harmoniously with a variety of architectural options. But at the same time, W-Cube makes a clear statement. Different corpuses and frame variations in connection with premium fabrics and patented Dondola® 3 technology to welcome proud owners and their visitors with comfort and that certain feel-good factor.

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The W-Screen is a first class partition wall system for individual work and face to face situations. Optimal acoustic shielded, meetings or individual workplaces can be separated from the workday life. With the high-quality materials, which we use for the W-Screen, we have a variety of scopes of design at our disposal. So every variation has its individual charakter. front one side open both sides closed floor based table based floor based table based

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A unique design in combination with high-tech materials. With the new designed frame, made of a high-end polymeric material, the W1 C stands out of the W1 family. With the reduced design as well as the two different backrest heights there is still a distinctive connection of both series. An additional height adjustment of the backrest as well as two different mechanisms enables the use of the W1 C in a wide range of applications.

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Eveline Hall Eveline Hall is one of the busiest models in Germany. In an exclusive interview, the 69-year-old talks about movement, how exercise is a personal engine, about her experiences with Jean Paul Gaultier – and what it's like doing fitness exercises with your own mother. Wagner  From Greifswald to Berlin, Las Vegas and Hamburg – there's been a lot of movement in your life. Where does it all come from? Eveline Hall  It's my mentality. If you want to conquer the world, there's only one way. Open the door, walk through, try it out. That's exactly how I did it. The lucky bit for me was that...

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Thomas Huber Breathtaking: The ›House of the mountains‹ in the national park Berchtesgaden is a training object for Thomas Huber. He climbs the façade, which was built by local natural materials, into dizzying heights right in front of the incredible panorama of the Alps. Thomas Huber is one of Germany's best-known mountaineers and extreme rock climbers. The passionate sportsman talks to us about the things that keep him going everyday, how important exercise is for his well-being, and how setbacks can be used to release new energy. Wagner  You're out and about a lot, seems like you're always...

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Stefan Diez Diez Stefan We drop in on the studio of the product designer Stefan Diez, who is just working on a new chair.

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»Actually, I was never really interested in chairs.« Stefan Diez is sitting in the upper level of his studio in the Munich suburb of Glockenbach, recalling how he got into chairs. »After studying, I was given the opportunity to work for the product designer Konstantin Grcic. In a way, the profession just came back to me.« Came back because there had already been carpenters in the Diez family – for 170 years. »In terms of my career, I was quick to experiment with things,« recalls Diez. »Movement was central from the very beginning.« Timeline: Year 1. The young Diez goes to Grcic, a time of adventure...

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Coming soon – Wagner Interior  

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