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TRIC Racking Systems - fast, smart, versatile - 20 Pages

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TRIC Racking Systems - fast, smart, versatile
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Catalog excerpts


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Power. Heat. Future As first-hour solar pioneers we have successfully collaborated with the sun for decades. We offer solar power and heating systems and pellet-fueled heating technology through branches in Europe and North America. The employees own 100 % of the company. Our solar passion In the same way that we operate as an enterprise, carefully chosen components optimize inter­ ction a within our system solutions. Many competitive awards testify to their performance, countless o ­ perating projects prove it daily. Progressing together We produce and supply solar heating systems, wood pellet...

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TRIC F pro - for industrial roofs TRIC F – versatile mechanical innovation Aerodynamically optimized, low-weight flat-roof racking system. Because of its compactness it does not need to be fixed to the roof structure. Free standing set-up of solar panels on almost any type of even or sloping surfaces. Solid construction, easy to handle because collapsible. Seal of the Berlin branch of TÜV, the German Technical Inspection Association TRIC A – universally applicable Fast, safe and durable installation The roof racking system offers varied solutions for all applications. Pre-assembled components...

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Individually adjustable, TRIC A offers the right solution to every application. The system stays versatile and effective in challenging situations. TRIC A Roof Racking System Install anywhere A system for placing solar modules on nearly all roofs. Highquality materials, smart detail solutions and system coherence assure fast, rational and safe installation. Smart components The newly developed HDC aluminum racking rails allow free rail length of up to 1.85 m between roof brackets. Ready made rail connectors with gap keepers enable problem-free installation in any situation. We supply roof anchors...

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TRIC A HDC racking system ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● Basic set for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 panels, extension set for 4 panels 2 HDC racking rails in required length Incl. rail connectors, pre-assembled panel clamps, potential equalizer Upright, side-by-side panel alignment, individual installation Choice of roof anchors or brackets for each roofing type Example: TRIC A HDC for SANYO HIT Nxxx SE10 TRIC A for Sanyo Module Field area (WxH, mm) Part no. TRIC A HDC 1 1 848 x 1,580 219 707 41 TRIC A HDC 2 2 1,670 x 1,580 219 707 42 TRIC A HDC 3 3 2,492 x 1,580 219 707 43 TRIC A HDC 4 4 3,314 x 1,580 219 707 44 TRIC...

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TRIC A Roof Racking System TRIC A HDC tool set ●● ●● ●● Allen T-grip S8 Combined ratchet spanner Set of 10 TORX RX 40 bits TRIC tool set SW 17 SW 15 Part no. 290 001 36 290 301 01 TRIC A-configurator The configurator helps you choose the right racking system. Based on panel type and alignment, it selects the relevant TRIC A system and determines the numbers of the various components. Suitable roof brackets or anchors can be selected and included in the order. The program directly compiles an order list with part numbers and list prices, taking into account volume-dependent scaled prices. A racking...

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TRIC A Roof Racking System Roof bracket top Roof bracket for all standard roof tiles ●● ●● Pre-assembled, includes self-drilling wood screws Easy single-handed attaching of racking rails from above by tiltable clamping angle. Roof bracket P Material Adjustability Part no. P Alu Hv Top Aluminum Height, horizontally, angle 219 401 80 P A2 Hv Top Stainless steel Height, angle 219 401 76 P A2 Top Stainless steel – 219 401 77 P Stv KF Top Steel, galvanized – 219 401 78 PS Stv Top* Steel, galvanized – 219 401 79 * designed for heavy-snowfall areas Roof bracket for plain tile/slate ●● ●● Pre-assembled,...

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TRIC A Roof Racking System Roof bracket Roof bracket TR for standing seam roofs ●● ●● ●● ●● Pair of aluminum clamps, consisting of two special clamping angles, self-drilling metal screws and insulating neoprene sheeting Screwed directly onto the standing seam steel sheet Only with the Wagner HDC/LDC racking rail Structural planning mandatory Roof bracket TR Part no. 219 402 68 Roof bracket for metal roofings ●● Clamping bracket for rounded standing seam KalZip roofs (Type KK) and standing seam roofs (Type KS), incl. Allen screw set Roof bracket TR Material Part no. KK Aluminum 219 401 10 KS Aluminum...

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TRIC A Roof Racking System Racking rails Aluminum racking rails Racking rails Maximum Length CORRECT RAIL RACKING The following instructions must be observed: Generally the module manufacturers also The stipulated gaps between the racking rails, have their own fitting rules that need to the permitted cantilever length and the maximum be obeyed. permitted span between two roof brackets.

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TRIC A Roof Racking System Accessories TRIC A HDC rail connection set ●● ●● Aluminum rail incl. 2 sets of pre-assembled M8 stainless steel screws For firm connections TRIC A HDC rail connection set Part no. 219 707 19 TRIC A HDC slide connector set ●● ●● Aluminum rail incl. 1 set of pre-assembled M8 stainless steel screws For sliding connections (length adjustment) TRIC A HDC slide connector set Part no. 219 050 33 TRIC A ML rail connection set ●● Aluminum rectangular pipe with rail connector incl. 12 rivets TRIC A ML rail connection set Part no. 219 305 94 TRIC A HL rail connection set ●● Aluminum...

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TRIC A Roof Racking System Accessories Panel clamping set ●● ●● ●● Aluminum panel clamps Pre-assembled with Allen screws Edge clamps available in heights from 34 – 55 mm (aluminum/black) Module clamp set centre Color Part no. 35 – 44 mm alum. 219 700 45 35 – 44 mm black 219 700 51 45 – 55 mm alum. 219 700 48 45 – 55 mm black 219 700 50 Panel frame height Color Part no. 35 mm alum. 219 700 63 35 mm black 219 700 52 38 mm alum. 219 700 61 42 mm black 219 700 79 50 mm black 219 700 58 50 mm Module clamp edge Panel frame height alum. 219 700 53 SECURE ATTACHMENT OF THE PANEL CLAMPS The clamps are...

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