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TOPline Solar Package - 2 Pages

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TOPline Solar Package
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Catalog excerpts

Wagner& Co Sun seeks Champion UNG ST I F T SEHR WA R E ent) xcell GUT (E nd inner a llation Test w insta ed: ordable ere test tions w ost aff ry m tisfacto r installa 12 sola t, 8 good, 2 sa excellen e 2008-03 2 st.d www.te www.w TOPline Solar Package comes out 1st in International Test German consumer testing agency Stiftung Warentest, March 2008 TOPline – Solar Package BW 480plus AD test quality judgement ST NTE EXCELLENT ("sehr gut", 1.4) Energy efficiency/comfort of hot water prep. Excellent ("sehr gut" ,1.3) Proportional energy savings + m 1987 “SEHR GUT“ (Excellent) Best price/performance ratio. 1995 “SEHR GUT“ (Excellent) Excellent and highly economical collector 1998 “GUT“ (Good) The most affordable system in the high-end category. 2002 “GUT“ (Good) Best price/performance ratio in the high-end category. ++ Fraction of solar energy utilized agner-s Minimum utilizable hot water volume + Operation and durability Excellent ("sehr gut", 1.2) Operational characteristics ++ System concept and functionality ++ Durability under high operational demands ++ Workmanship ++ Usability 2003 “SEHR GUT“ (Excellent) Test winner Space heating support Good ("gut", 2.1) User operation / functional control +/+ Installation / Documentation +/+ Additional environmental characteristics Excellent ("sehr gut", 1.5) Power consumption in kWh/Year ++ Material and recycling oriented construction 2008 “SEHR GUT“ (Excellent) Test winner Hot water installation + Conclusion: "The winner: an affordable and particularly high performing installation that ensures high energy yields from the sun. Exceptionally environmental friendly thanks to the very low power consumption of the pump. Gratifying: The useable storage volume has 20 litres more capacity than indicated. " (test magazine 3/2008, p.72) TOPline BW 480plus AD - the solar hot water preparation test champion

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Best system at the lowest price! Sunarc® anti-reflection glass Reflection 96% Transmission (flat glass 91%) u [v] Speed level controlled CIRCO solar pump 235 t [ms] 0 -235 z.B. 50 % Highlights of the actual test winner package TOPline and other solar installations from Wagner & Co include for instance: ● Sunarc® anti-reflection glass Wagner & Co offers sunarc® anti-reflection glass for its collectors. The ultra-fine nano surface structure increases the transmissivity from 91% to 96%. This way the heat yield increases between 6 and 10%! ● Speed controlled CIRCO solar pump Our speed controlled circulation...

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