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Systems for large scale solar installations - 6 Pages

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Systems for large scale solar installations
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Catalog excerpts

SOLAR TECHNOLOGY TECHNIQUE SOLAIRE TECNOLOGIA SOLAR TECNOLOGIA SOLARE Because Every Square Metre Counts Systems for large scale solar installations

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Passion for Solar Technology Everyone has goals. With our components, systems and solutions we help ecologically minded house owners, planners and solar businesses meet theirs. As a solar pioneer we have played a strong part in making large-scale installation technology economically viable and user-friendly. From Planning to Installation Our large solar thermal installations are suitable for various applications, either as complete systems or integrated with existing heating systems. They are ideal for multiple dwellings, hotels, hospitals, swimming pools and other buildings with high hot water...

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Versatility From stand-alone installation to roof mounting of long panel rows we offer intelligent outcomes for rational racking and installation of LBM collectors. Customized Panel Areas Complete System Components Whole solar roofs, e.g. SOLARroof, Pre-assembled component groups for the can be modern roofing elements solar circuitry, heat distribution between and offer outstanding styling options. storage tanks and fresh water heating facilitate optimal customization of the system, speed installation and ensure top yields. After-Sales-Service We offer you support with an guided operational startup...

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Customized Systems for Your Needs Three dedicated solar lines provide full capacity water heating with optimal space heating support. The heat is reticulated from a central solar station and additional, pre-assembled units to customized storage tanks and optimally combined to suit the given application. SOLARfresh Fresh Water System Drinking water hygiene for multi-dwelling buildings • Optimally suited to systems with delivery rates to 160 l/min (e.g. for sport facilities or multi-dwelling buildings up to 100 apartments) Space-saving and especially suitable for newly built facilities 100% water...

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SOLARdrive Pre-Heating System Economic solution for installation in existing buildings • Usable for systems with DHW delivery rates of up to 200 l/min (e.g. for multi-dwelling building with 120 appartments), more upon request. Easy to retrofit with existing installations Backup for water heating 100% water hygiene (according to DVGW 551) High solar conversion rate Optimal dimensioning thanks to modular design (storage, DHW capacity) SOLARstore Pre-Heating Storage System Efficient solution for very high consumption • Ideally suited for highest DHW capacities (hospitals, hotels, commercial premises) Easily...

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We Pledge Long Operating Lives and Good Yields We offer you optimal solar technology outcomes from planning to operation startup, also in the fields of solar power and wood pellet heating. The Wagner Solar Group International Solar Technology We can help you implement your solar projects from our base in Cölbe, about an hour’s drive north from Frankfurt/Main, and from our branches in France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and the USA. Contact: Contact International Solartechnik GmbH Unit 2, Keynor Farm, Chalk Lane Sidlesham, Chichester Printed on paper 100% recycled...

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