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SUNGO - 2 Pages

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Solar Controllers Based on many years of experience, we developed the original SUNGO range of solar controllers more than 15 years ago, constantly improving it in close cooperation with our customers - for effective harvesting, storage and utilization of solar heat. STANDOUTS Versatile applications From single and multi storage systems to systems with heating circuit control - the SUNGO range will feature a product that matches your needs. Intuitive operation Straight forward user interface with combination of pictograms, text display and structured menus, for user-friendly operation. Energy efficient Functions like speed control of the solar circulator, intelligent Optisol backup heating suppression based on solar yield forecast and high efficiency pumps with lowest possible power rating enable for exceptional overall energy efficiency. We developed and produced solar technology for already more than 30 years. In collaboration with universities and specialized installers we merge theory and practice. Our solar controllers ensure the highly reliable and efficient operation of all installations.

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Solar Controllers SUNGO S Solar controller for water heating Single collector field SUNGO SL Solar controller for water heating and space heating support Single collector field ●● Return flow boost for space heating ●● Multi-functional solar controller for water heating and space heating support ●● One or two collector fields ●● Return flow boost for space heating ●● Outdoor temperature based heating circuit control ●● Intelligent solar loading for up to three storage tanks Controller functions • Single storage tank system or SECUSOL single tank system • Safety functions: System protection, collector...

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