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Solar Controllers SUNGO Wagner Solar ENERGIETECHNIK ENERGY TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGIE ÉNERGÉTIQUE ENERGIETECHNIEK The new Generation of SUNGO Controller Developed more than 15 years ago, constantly improving it in close cooperation with our customers for effective harvesting, storage and u ­ tilization of solar heat. Versatile applications From single and multi storage systems to systems with heating circuit control – the SUNGO range will feature a product that matches your needs. Intuitive operation Straight forward user interface with combination of pictograms, text display and structured menus, for user-friendly operation. Highest efficiency Intelligent management of heat generators, control of high efficiency pumps and solar return blending ensure maximum efficiency of the solar heating system. The integrated bus system allows to connect additional modules for extended functionality. Examples are more inputs and outputs, extra room temperature sensors and remote monitoring via the Internet. Internal functional monitoring Integrated algorithms continuously check the proper functioning of the solar system and inform the user of possible disturbances, thus permanently assuring the yield of the solar installation.

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Solar Controllers SUNGO 100 Solar controller for water heating and space heating support ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● Choice of 10 pre-programmed schemes, incl. multi-storage and multi-collector fields Display shows system scheme, icons and plain text Dial for easy operation Heating support via return flow boost Can be integrated in the CIRCO 7 solar circulation unit SUNGO 200 Solar controller for complex solar thermal systems ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● 11 pre-programmed schemes and free assignment of inputs and outputs Full graphic display with temperature profile history Data recording, backup and firmware updates...

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SUNGO 300 For highly demanding applications ●● ●● ●● ●● The specialist for all extensive control tasks Full graphic display with temperature profile history Data recording, backup and firmware updates via SD card Freely selectable functions and availability of inputs and outputs Combination input (pulse or temperature) Grundfos digital* Grundfos analog* Continuous phase Potential free relay Connection expansion module SUNGO EM * er Input 1 x temperature and 1 x pressure or 1 x volume flow p

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The functional scope of the SUNGO controller can be supplemented as required by the connection of additional modules. Expansion module SUNGO EM Data logger SUNGO DL Communication module SUNGO KM Complementary Software SUNGO EM: The expansion module expands the SUNGO 200 / 300 controllers by another 6 input and 5 output terminals. The online system portal enables remote monitoring and visualization of measurement data as well as worldwide access to the device via the internet. The communication module SUNGO KM and the data loggers SUNGO DL2 or SUNGO DL3 can be integrated. Monitor your...

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