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TECHNICAL INFORMATION / INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CIRCO 6 Solar Circulation Unit CIRCO 6 Solar Circulation Unit in combination with the intelligent SUNGO controllers, it is the safe and reliable heart of a solar installation Fast Installation thanks to pre-assembled parts and compression fittings for the connection to the solar circuit Safe Deaeration by integrated air bleeder Operation Monitoring via flow-meter and integrated thermometer Controlled Heat Flow by two temperature resistant non-return ball valves Low Heat Loss made possible by all-around heat insulation made from close fitting hard foam shell Figure 1  CIRCO 6 Solar Circulation Unit   with integrated controller (not included in delivery). Solar Thermal / Solar Circuit   EN-XXX_CIRCO-6_MA-100119-1121Y800

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1. General Safety Guidelines Qualification of the Installer Setting up, installation and commissioning of the CIRCO 6 solar circulation unit must be carried out by a qualified installer. Please note that in case of a fault report the guarantee benefits can only be claimed if the correct commissioning has been certified by a qualified person in the commissioning report. The warranty period for the station is 2 years. DANGER of personal injury  Electrical installation of the device can lead to potentially fatal electric shocks, scalds, contusions as well as other health hazards. Therefore please...

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Table 3  CIRCO 6 Solar Circulation Unit The CIRCO solar circulation unit is supplied pre-assembled. SUNGO control and CIRCO expansion kit are not part of the unit. Additional accessories are shown on the last page. 120 °C (during start-up phase temporarily up to 160 °C) Table 1  Maximum Number of Collectors to be Installed 1 Circulation pump Return flow stoppers Temperature display Sockets for temperature sensors In supply and return leg one each for sensors of max. 6 mm Ø Flow meter Safety group Safety valve 6 bar ½", pressure meter Filling unit 2 filling valves with cap Connection expansion...

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Figure 4  1 Pump;  2 Safety group;  3 Connection (¾") for expansion vessel-set (available as accessory);  4 Filling valve;  5 Rear insulation shell;  6 Front insulation shell with opening for controller;  7 Cover (when controller not installed);  8 Wall brackets;  9 Bleeder;  10 Flow meter;  11 Controller mounting block;  12 Dry wall anchors;  13 Controller SUNGO;  14 Fixing screw

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●● The entire layout of flow and return pipes should be clear before installing the CIRCO 6 solar circulation unit (100 mm centres). ●● The location of the installation also must take into account sufficient space for the expansion vessel! ●● If the solar system is installed for heating or if vacuum tubes are used you must pay attention to the technical documentation “Overheat Protection”. ●● For the required tools see figure 6 ●● Remove front insulation shell (6). ●● Make two drilling holes with 262 mm vertical distance for the two wall brackets (8) (figure 5). Screw on solar circulation unit....

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3.3 Installation at Cylinder The adjustable installation kits can be used with all Wagner solar cylinders with 1¼" flat sealing connections at the heat exchanger, with a vertical distance between 470 and 850 mm. To prevent later obstructions of the pipe work in the area of the cylinder, it is recommended to make proper lay- out plans before commencing installation. ●● Connect pipes to cylinder using supplied gaskets, tighten hand-screwed. D = 22 for compression fitting ●● Cut off longer return pipe until both pipes are reaching the same level and have an axial distance of 100 mm. Then screw tight...

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4. Operating Advice The Flow Meter Return Flow Stoppers The flow meter indicates flow in l/min during pump operation. The adjustment screw can be used to cut off the flow. For operation the adjustment screw must be turned fully counterclockwise (max. flow). The adjustment of the volume flow should only be done via the pump settings. They are integrated into the ball valve components and prevent unwanted heat distribution in the solar circuit when the pump is turned off. They only open in the flow direction under pump pressure. The stopper in the feed leg can be turned off with the ball valve handle,...

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5. Accessoires Table 4  Accessories Compression fitting for pipe connection Acessory / spare part: Accessory set solar circuit Accessory parts for solar circuit piping: 2 filling valves and 2 grounding clamps for potential equalization Air venting kit (not normally required because of included bleeder pipe) Automatic air venting kit consisting of 2 automatic air venting valves and heat resistant ball valves (up to 200 °C), connection 3/8" Manual air release set consisting of 2 manual air release valves 3/8" and key Expansion vessel for solar circulation unit, allowed positive operating pressure...

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