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Solar Circulation Unit CIRCO 25/80 - 6 Pages

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Solar Circulation Unit CIRCO 25/80
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Catalog excerpts

TECHNICAL INFORMATION / INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CIRCO 25/80 Solar Circulation Unit CIRCO 25/80 Solar Circulation Unit in combination with the intelligent S ­ UNGO controllers, it is the safe and reliable control centre for larger solar installations Fast Installation thanks to pre-assembled parts and compression fittings for the connection to the solar circuit Safe Deaeration by integrated air bleeder Operation Monitoring via flow-meter and integrated thermometer Controlled Heat Flow by two temperature resistant non-return ball valves Low Heat Loss due to wrap-around tightly fitting hard foam encasing Figure 1  CIRCO 25/80 solar circulation unit Solar Thermal / Solar Circuit   EN-XXX_CIRCO-25-80_MA-100123-11217800

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1. General Safety Guidelines Qualification of the Installer Setting up, installation and commissioning of the CIRCO 6 solar circulation unit must be carried out by a qualified installer. Please note that in case of a fault report the guarantee benefits can only be claimed if the correct commissioning has been certified by a qualified person in the commissioning report. The warranty period for the station is 2 years. DANGER of personal injury Electrical installation of the device can lead to potentially fatal electric shocks, scalds, contusions as well as other health hazards. Therefore please...

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Table 3  CIRCO 25/80 Solar Circulation Unit The CIRCO solar circulation unit is supplied pre-assembled. SUNGO control and CIRCO expansion kit are not part of the unit. Additional accessories are shown on the last page. EPP three parts with latch 120 °C (temporarily up to 160 °C during startup) Circulation pump Grundfos UPS 25-80 (230V, 50Hz) Energy efficiency class C. Power rating Return flow stoppers Table 1  Maximum Number of Collectors to be Installed Coll.type Parallel connection Temperature indication Flow meter Safety group Safety valve 6 bar ½", manometer Filling unit 2 filler valves with...

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Figure 4 CIRCO 25/80 and its components:    1 Pump;  2 Safety group;  3 Front insulation shell;  4 Rear insulation shell (left);  5 Rear insulation shell (right);  6 Wall mount;  7 Connection (¾", M) for expansion vessel set (optionally available) ●● The entire layout of flow and return pipes should be well planned before mounting the CIRCO 25/80 solar circulation unit (100 mm centers).  Please also refer to the technical information “Solar Thermal Systems – Setup, Commissioning and Maintenance”. ●● If the solar system is installed for space heating or if vacuum tubes are used, you must also pay...

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●● Connect venting pipe to safety valve and place an empty canister underneath to collect possible spills of solar fluid. ●● The solar circuit pipes are connected via compression fittings. Cut and burr pipes and push into fittings as far as possible, then tighten nuts with wrenches.  To avoid damage, secure nuts by applying counter force with 2nd wrench while tightening. Return flow stoppers They are integrated into the ball valve armatures and prevent unwanted heat distribution in the solar circuit when the pump is turned off. They only open in the flow direction under pump pressure. The stopper...

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5. Accessories Table 4  Accessories Accessory set solar circuit Accessory parts for solar circuit piping: 2 filling valves and 2 grounding clamps for potential equalization Air venting kit (not normally required because of included bleeder pipe) Automatic air venting kit consisting of 2 automatic air venting valves and heat resistant ball valves (up to 200 °C), connection 3/8" Manual air release set consisting of 2 manual air release valves 3/8" and key CIRCO – expansion vessel set Expansion vessel for solar circulation unit, allows positive operating pressure 10 bar, stainless steel corrugated...

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