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Photovoltaic grid connected systems - 12 Pages

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Photovoltaic grid connected systems
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Catalog excerpts

SOLAR TECHNOLOGY TECHNIQUE SOLAIRE TECNOLOGIA SOLAR TECNOLOGIA SOLARE Let the Sun Electrify Your Life Highly efficient solar power systems

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Power. Heat. Future As first-hour solar pioneers we have successfully collaborated with the sun for decades. We offer solar power and heating systems and pellet-fueled heating technology through branches in Europe and North America. The employees own 100 % of the company. Our solar passion In the same way that we operate as an enterprise, carefully chosen components optimize interaction in our system solutions. Many competitive awards testify to their performance, countless operating projects prove it daily. Progressing together We supply solar power systems for private users, public facilities,...

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Contents Solar power The changing energy market Photovoltaic advantages Our strengths System applications 4 System solutions How the sun gets into the power socket Functionality Five steps to your solar power plant 6 Solar Panels Performance criteria Leading manufacturers TRIC racking systems 8 Grid connection Intelligent inverters Communication technology 10 Overview Start now Joint planning 11 3

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Power Shape the Future as an Energy Entrepreneur Rising energy prices, climate change, ecological persuasion or prestige – there are many drivers to switch to renewable energy. Solar power is one of the most sustainable options, Wagner & Co one of the most experienced providers. The changing energy market Photovoltaic advantages Global electricity consumption has risen constantly since 1960. Fossil fuels are becoming scarcer and more expensive, and as recent reactor disasters clearly illustrated, power from nuclear fission has never been able to shed its safety deficits – and never will. As a...

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Our 6,500 square metres of solar panels, delivering 750 kWp, produce about two thirds of the power we consume. Our strengths System applications We are an experienced partner for cost-efficient photovoltaic installations. As system supplier we do not compromise on quality, performance and durability. We advise and support solar installers with our own planning and service tools and offer targeted courses through our Wagner Academy. We combine top brand components with our own products into perfectly harmonizing systems. We deliver grid-connected installations for single- and multi-family homes...

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Power Think Ahead – Take the First Step Investments in solar power installations have to produce ecological and financial yields. Precise analysis and planning, meticulous choice of top-quality components and an experienced solar installer are key to your solar success. How the sun gets into the power socket Maximum yields are achieved by aligning the panels towards the equator and tilting them according to the respective latitude, e.g. 30° for North-Western Europe. But our state-of-the-art solar power systems also achieve outstanding results under much less favorable conditions. FUNCTIONALITY...

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FIVE STEPS TO YOUR SOLAR POWER PLANT STEP 1: CHOOSE YOUR PARTNER AND PLAN STEP 4: DON’T FORGET INSURANCE Choose a Wagner & Co partner in your area. We support them in location analysis and development of customized solutions. We use our professional tools to calculate the performance data of the installation and to draw up the detailed construction plans. Certified quality, highest efficiency and longevity are the hallmarks of our installations. But you should nevertheless insure yours as a protection against, for example, a lightning strike or vandalism. STEP 2: FUNDING, PROMOTION, TAXATION From...

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and Long-Lasting Solar Panels Solar panels are one of the key elements to the success of your installation. That is why we use only the very best compo- nents from leading manufacturers and make no compromises on quality, favorable prices and long-term peak performance. The same goes for our fitting systems. Versatile, strong performers To offer the optimal solution for any application we cooperate with top PV panel producers. Our partners produce with state-of-the-art processes and meet the most stringent quality, safety and environmental requirements. They ensure the application of innova- tive...

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Robust racking systems Our own development and production Solar power installations have to withstand severe strains. Wind load, snow load and stark temperature differences attack the material. So racking systems have to be extremely robust and durable to ensure secure hold under the toughest challenges. They must also be versatile to apply and easy to install. For more than 30 years we have adapted our racking systems precisely to the panels and roof types. We produce and supply roof brackets, racking rails, panel clamps and a broad range of accessories. Our racking systems are suitable for on-roof...

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Power Secure Grid Connection – Foundation for Your Solar Success As interface with the public power grid, inverters have an especially important role. To achieve highest yields they have to be optimally attuned to the installation. Intelligent inverters We use only equipment from top of the range European manufacturers. Harmonized precisely with various installation sizes and types, they assure maximum yields, trouble-free grid integration and longevity. We warranty every product for five years. 10 Communication technology Whether as a status indicator for internal control or as an attractive,...

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Are You Ready for Solar Power? Start now Talk to your solar installer or contact us. We will gladly recommend a company suited to your needs. Joint planning Work with our selected specialized installers to build your solar power project fast and reliably. Thanks to their many years of experience, our regular workshops and our professional planning tools you will get a solution optimally customized to your requirements. Wärme Strom ADDITIONAL SERVICES We offer customers a number of smart additional services. For example, upon customer request all installations planned by us receive the Wagner &...

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