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EURO L20 MQ AR – Flat Plate Collector - 2 Pages

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EURO L20 MQ AR – Flat Plate Collector Wagner& Co First choice for long collector strips Advantages at a Glance Easy setup of long collector rows ● Thanks to its special absorber geometry, parallel connection of up to ten collectors in a row is possible. ● Collector fields with areas of up to 50 m² can be achieved by combining parallel and serial connections. ● Slim design and small gaps between collectors for optically appealing flat-roof solutions. Powerful ● Collector glazing with sunarc® anti-reflection glass - for 96 % light transmission. ● Laser fused serpentine absorber with highly selective vacuum coating. ● 60 mm back insulation. Durable high quality components ● Anodized aluminum frame. ● Solid aluminum back sheet. Well proven design details ● Simple connection technology with O-ring and clamp. ● Stainless steel compensators adjust for the heat expansion of the absorber. ● Seamless side insulation without heat bridges. Compensator adjusting for heat expansion Practical O-ring clamping connection with clamp

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Float glass 100% Anti-reflection glass 100% Nano structure Glass Nano structure 91% 96% More light transmission for higher yields Ordinary solar glass allows 91 % of the arriving sunlight to pass through. Reflections at both sides of the glass pane are mainly responsible for the lost 9 % – only 1 % is absorbed by the glass. The special nano structure etched into the inner and outer sides of sunarc® anti-reflection glass significantly reduces reflections and thus increases the light transmission from 91 % to 96 %. This improvement is particularly pronounced for slant light, for example during winter...

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