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Catalogue excerpts

Flat Plate Collector for Solar Heat EURO L20, L22, L42 Wagner Solar ENERGIETECHNIK ENERGY TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGIE ÉNERGÉTIQUE ENERGIETECHNIEK The EURO solar collectors are premium products for solar heating support and hot water in small and large plants. They are made in Germany. High-quality manufacturing As a solar pioneer, we develop and manufacture high-quality solar panels for 35 years in Germany. All EURO collectors are certified according to the quality label for solar thermal products: Solar Keymark. Long life The sturdy aluminum frame, a laser-welded copper and aluminum made absorber, solar safety glass as well as the quality EPDM glass sealing ensure a long product lifetime. The EURO-collectors can be installed as local circumstances demand: In horizontal or vertical orientation, as on-roof, in-roof, façade or freestanding solution. Safe Installation With the TÜV-certified mounting system TRIC the EURO-collectors are particularly easy to install and securely fastened on the roof.

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Flat Plate Collector for solar heat Perfection in Detail We are perfecting and fine-tuning the individual c ­ omponents and their interaction. That’s the secret of peak performance! sunarc® anti reflective glass The special nanostructure of both surfaces of sunarc® anti-reflective glass significantly reduces reflection, reaping up to 10 % of additional solar yield! (EURO L20/L22 AR) flat glass Minimized heat loss thanks to all-around edge and back wall insulation. Maximized heat yield through laser-welded single surface absorber with selective vacuum coating. Tool-less push-fit connection reduces...

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Safe and fast: The TÜV certified TRIC racking systems The collector types We have the right collector in our program to match your wishes and local conditions. 2,61/2,25 m² gross collector area Highly transparent sunarc® anti reflective glass, τ = 96 % Aluminum with seamless side and 60 mm backside insulation Silver (only EURO L20 AR) or black anodized frame 1339/1083 kWh/a annual collector yield (Solar Keymark, Würzburg, Tm = 50 °C) 2,61 m² gross collector area Solar safety glass; t = 91 Aluminum with seamless side and 60 mm backside insulation Silver or black anodized frame 1158 kWh/a annual...

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Flat Plate Collector for Solar Heat From collector to solar system The solar space heating package COMBI line SH 1440 AR has been awarded the distinction of “sehr gut (very good) by the consumer testing magazine ÖKOTEST (10/2010). It was identified as a „Very good and economic system with the highest yield in the test.“ Even at Stiftung Warentest (largest German consumer testing agency) in 2009, it was the system with the best energy efficiency in the test field. (Stiftung Warentest overall rating of „good“, 13 solar plants in the test: 11 good, 2 satisfactory, issue 3/2009, The solar...

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