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EURO L20 AR - 2 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

Flat Plate Solar Collector EURO L20 AR THE EURO L20 AR is one of the prime products on the global collector market. It stands out with its versatility and exceptional yields for solar hot water and space heating applications. ADVANTAGES Details ●● Sophisticated A prime product with top values in yield, quality and durability - the result of more than 30 years of solar collector engineering and production experience made in Germany. ●● Powerful Featuring highly transparent sunarc® anti-reflection glass, a laser welded absorber with optimized heat transfer and seamless wraparound insulation - for excellent energy output. ●● Durable Quality components like tempered solar safety glass, durable EPDM glass sealing, high grade aluminum and copper as well as state of the art production assure a long lifetime. ●● Versatile The EURO L20 AR can be installed as required: horizontally or vertically, as roof-parallel, roof integrated or free standing solution - safe and fast using our TÜV certified TRIC racking systems. Solar Keymark 011-7S481 F Heat

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Flat Plate Solar Collector EURO L20 AR Highly transparent sunarc® anti-reflection glass The solar collectors are manufactured in Wagner & Co’s own energy self sufficient and CO2 neutral collector factory. Quality “made in Germany”. Maximized heat yield through laser welded single-surface absorber with highly selective vacuum coating APPLICATIONS ●● ●● ●● Solar domestic hot water preparation and space heating support Single and multi family dwellings Commercial applications Seamless wraparound and 60 mm strong back insulation minimize heat losses VARIATIONS ●● Black or silver anodized collector...

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