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Press release
VOLA Round Shower. Uniquely refreshing. Visibly VOLA.
This is not the first shower to be designed and manufactured by VOLA. It is the first ever
round-head shower. That’s what makes it special. It is a natural extension of the VOLA
range. And it means a luxury bathroom can now be totally VOLA, combining chosen
elements from the award-winning Round Series.
It clearly belongs to the VOLA range. At VOLA they believe in continuity. The unique
products all take their proportions from the classic Arne Jacobsen tap specially designed
for VOLA more than 40 years ago. That’s why they work together so naturally. The Round
Shower is effortlessly elegant. Like all VOLA products, it keeps its technical parts subtly
hidden from view.
But continuity isn’t enough at VOLA. They also celebrate innovation. The Round Shower
takes the special elements of the VOLA design language as its starting point to create an
entirely new product. It plays with existing lines to produce a fresh and aestheticallypleasing geometrical form. The Round shower is the latest evolution in our highlyacclaimed Round Series which takes the circle - already a key feature of VOLA design - as
its focus. Building on this soothing form, its first two products
were the round waste bin RS1 and the round paper tissue
dispenser RS2 in 2011. Both are discreetly efficient. Both are
represented by a pure circle built into the wall.
Sustainability is important to VOLA. Water conservation is
seen as only one part of a holistic approach to reducing
energy consumption. At VOLA they contribute by
manufacturing products that last for generations. To suit all
bathing preferences VOLA offers the choice of several
different flows. The Round Shower can deliver up to 24 litres
or 15 litres of water per minute at 3 bar pressure.
The new round shower can be ceiling - or wall-mounted. It
can be finished in chrome - or in brushed stainless steel as
well as a variety of different colours.

Press release VOLA 060
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    Press contact:Birthe Tofting, VOLA A/SDirector of International Sales, Marketing & HRbt@vola.dkTel: +45 76284822, +45 23314181Hi res photos available...
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