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Water Saving catalogue (PDF) - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

water saving solutions October 2009

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*Bathroom Manufacturers Association 2 www.bathroom-association.org 2007 Population and climate changes, coupled with modernised lifestyles have put an increased demand on water supplies. Globally 1.1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water; that’s 1 in six of us. “The South East of England has less water available per head than the desert states of Syria and Sudan!” The Environment Agency Researchers suggest changes in lifestyle result in using 55% more water than we did 25 years ago. Half of this water is used within the bathroom environment.* Cleaning your teeth under running...

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There are 3 main drivers demanding solutions: • government legislation • environmental consciousness • saving money The UK government have created legislation to promote the use of sustainable products. Changes to Part G of The Building Regulations will require that all new domestic buildings and renovations involving a change of use must meet a maximum consumption of 125 litres of water per person per day. Part G also requires thermostatic control of water to a bath outlet not to exceed 48°C. In addition, the Code For Sustainable Homes (CSH) is now used as a guide by planning authorities to grant...

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4 The Solution VADO introduces the xxxxx water saving solution designed to reduce flow rates which can meet the requirements of CSH and Part G. The xxxxx water saving solution can be tailored to suit any requirement. There is no hampering to either performance or design. This allows even the most design conscious customer to enjoy the rewards that xxxxx offers. VADO can regulate basin mixers to meet any requirement. We can show you how to achieve Level 3-4 (CSH) and Part G, whilst managing the expectations of your home owners. time TIM-100-C/P life LIF -100/SB-C/P life LIF-HEAD/18/SA-C/P

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Explained... High pressure High water flow As the water pressure increases, the O-ring modifies shape further, compressing down to regulate the flow in line with the factory set requirement. This flow rate is maintained even at higher water pressure. No pressure No water flow The O-ring is relaxed and circular in cross section. Normal pressure Light to moderate water flow The pressure of the flow of water modifies the O-ring shape, restricting the available channel for the water to flow through, reducing the water flow. cross section key: main body O-ring O-ring seat plan view direction of water...

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6 Domestic Case Study VADO Staff Research • Average water usage = 180 litres per person per day With xxxxxxx fitted: • Average water usage = 89 litres per person per day Water usage saving of 33,215 litres per person per year. Estimated saving on utility bills of £360 per year for a household of 4 people. Hotel Case Study Bristol Marriott Royal • Average water usage = 65,960 litres per day With xxxxxxx fitted: • Average water usage = 25,220 litres per day Water usage saving of 14,870,100 litres per year. Estimated saving on utility bills of £38,000 per year. “VADO played a key part in advising...

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ISO 14001 VADO is committed to environmental performance by taking a holistic approach in measuring and setting objectives in line with ISO14001. Green Achiever VADO has been a Green Achiever since 2008. The Green Achiever Award was created to aid companies that act to reduce their impact on the environment. Recycling VADO has been recognised as an organisation committed to effective recycling and awarded a certificate in recognition of this. Carbon Footprint Reduction VADO continually aims to reduce its carbon footprint across all its business operations. Our Policy In addition to operating within...

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VADO wedmore road cheddar somerset england bs27 3eb tel 01934 744466 fax 01934 744345 sales@vado-uk.com www.vado-uk.com due to our policy of continual improvement, VADO reserve the right to change product specification. the colours indicated are an approximation of the actual finishes on VADO products. e&oe. ©2009 eurobath international limited. i t ’ s a p e r s o n a l e x p e r i e n c e

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