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Catalogue excerpts


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YOUR NEW SMART HOME nx-skin FORMULA D LY FACE SCRUB NG AND EXFOLIATING COORDINATING ITEMS Buffs away dead skin cells and removes impurities.

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YOUR SMART HOME At VADO, we understand modern demands for innovative smart home solutions that improve the way we live. We strive to match our customer needs and challenge market norms, bringing innovative designs and products that enhance the user experience. That’s why VADO’s new Sensori collection introduces pioneering technologies to create a luxurious, modern and tailored bathroom solution. Featuring industry leading thermostatic technology, the Sensori collection guarantees temperature stabilisation from sudden pressure fluctuations to ensure the safety and protection of all users. With...

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THE DEFINITIVE JARGON BUSTER When creating your dream bathroom you may be inundated with unfamiliar terminology. Our jargon buster is designed to aid your understanding of the products available to you and their benefits. Thermostatic Thermostatic refers to a function that establishes and maintains a desired temperature automatically. Usually referring to VADO’s range of shower mixing valves; thermostatic describes the process of blending hot water with cold water to ensure safe shower and bath temperatures. This process prevents scalding from sudden pressure fluctuations and cold-water isolation....

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EXPERIENCE SENSORI SMART SHOWERS IN FULL 3D. VIV is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store and works with all iOS and Android devices. Using the VIV App, scan the tracker to generate life size VADO products in 3D. Prepare for an enriched digital experience as you bring your favourite VADO ranges to life. Google Play

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Start/Stop SmartDial remote allows you to operate your shower without getting wet. Edit Mono Basin Mixer Simple, stylish and sophisticated. The Sensori SmartDial embraces digital innovation to reinvent your bathroom experience and offer full control at your fingertips.

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Sky Ceiling Mounted Shower SoiL-Lu'ni LacLile dials for effortless temperature and flow control. Zoo Shower Kit wit Integrated Outlet Recreate your perfect bath at the touch of a button

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flow and bath fill choices in three unique user settings for a tailored bath or shower. Sensori SmartDial Single Outlet Control £795.00 MP DIA-1000 Sensori SmartDial Dual Outlet Shower/Bath Control £1,195 00 MP DIA-2700 ✓ Temperature and flow control    ✓ Temperature control ✓ For use with two outlets    ✓ For use with one outlet ✓ Outlet diversion button ✓ Automatic bath-fill

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Sensori’s purity of design is accentuated by discreet, ambient lighting in a spectrum of colours to denote your perfect temperature. The innovative solution for your contemporary home. Key Features - ave up to three pre-set shower functions S Sensori SmartDial Dual Outlet Shower Control Sensori SmartDial Start/Stop Remote - Optional Start/Stop remote for enhanced control - imple push and twist functionality S - tore temperature, flow and bath fill settings S - Soft-turn tactile dials for easy operation ✓ Temperature and flow control ✓ For use with two outlets ✓ Outlet diversion button - ial cleaning...

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Geometry Fixed Shower Head with Arm Available Summer 2018 Sensori SmartTouch. Luxurious showering made simple. Instinct Shower Kit with Integrated Outlet Notion Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Sensori’s sleek and modern design features a black, scratchresistant glass panel with touch sensitive control, brought to life with a vividly defining, colour LED display for ease-of-use.

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Shama Robe Hook Notion Slimline Basin Mixer Take control of your shower with the wireless SmartTouch Start/Stop remote.

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Choose from up to seven coordinating shower icons to personatise your SmartTouch disptay for an experience that’s ta i to red to you.

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Save your temperature, flow and operating time to recreate your perfect shower. Pioneering technology for a personalised showering experience. Welcome to Sensori; simplicity you can touch. Key Features - Clear LED and touch sensitive display for easy navigation - Store your temperature and flow settings - Set a maximum water temperature - Wireless remote for maximum control - Customise your shower operating time Sensori SmartTouch Single Outlet Control and Wireless Remote Sensori SmartTouch Dual Outlet Control and Wireless Remote ✓ Temperature and flow control ✓ For use with one outlet ✓ Remote...

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Aquablade 500mm Shower Head Identity Touch Sensitive LCD Shower Control Corner Basket Instinct Shower Kit with Integrated Outlet Give your bathroom a new Identity. Identity combines contemporary design with flexible showering functionality to create a practical and easy-to-use digital solution. Designed for both showering and bath fill, Identity features a large colour LCD display that represents your selected temperature with touch sensitive control for simple navigation.

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Identity Dual Outlet Control £650.00 LP IDE-147C-C/P Key Features - Touch sensitive controls for easy navigation - olour LCD display features 3 colours for C enhanced thermostatic control - Effortless temperature and flow control - Suitable for both showering and bath fill - Simple outlet diversion

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Sky Ceiling Mounted Shower Available Summer 2018 Choose from a range of taps, showers and accessories to coordinate with the Sensori SmartDial and make your dream bathroom a reality. SmartDial Dual Outlet Shower Control Zoo Shower Kit with Integrated Outlet

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Omika Mono Basin Mixer with Universal Waste £325 00 MP OMI-100/CC-C/P Omika Shower Head 200mm x 300mm (Arm Sold Separately) £297 00 MP OMI-HEAD-C/P Omika Single Function Mini Kit with Outlet £195.00 MP OMI-SFMKWO-C/P Omika Shelf with Geometric Insert 200mm (8") £195.00 OMI-185-20-C/P Edit Wall Mounted Basin Mixer £349 00 MP EDI-109S/A-C/P Aquablade Round 200mm Slimline Head and Arm £209 00 LP AQB-RO/20/SA-C/P Aquablade Round Single Function Mini Kit with Outlet £185 00 MP AQB-SFMKWO/RO-C/P Push Type Bath Filler Origins Slimline Mono Basin Mixer with Universal Waste £234 00 MP ORI-200/CC-C/P Aquablade...

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