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PEX DZR manual - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Why choose PEX DZR products? • exceptional resistance to corrosion where normal brasses do not meet required standards • laboratory tested for resistance to ISO6509 standard • ideal where water hardness, high water temperature, chlorides, acidity or alkalinity occur • more cost effective than bronze the DZR advantage Dezincification is the name given to the corrosion of brass The risk and rate of dezincication increases with water hardness, high water temperature, the presence of chlorides and when the acidity or alkalinity of water moves away from a PH of 7. Dezincication resistant brass, or...

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DZR brass FxF gate valve, BS5154 solid brass wedge nigh quality PTFE packing maximum pressure conditions standard packing and dimensions

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Dtumbex UK is a part of the VADO group wedmore road cheddar somerset engtand bs27 3eb due to our policy of continual improvement VADO reserve the right to change product specification. the colours indicated are an approximation of the actual finishes on VADO products, e&oe. INTERNATIONAL TRADE

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