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Catalogue excerpts

Creative Surface • Practical advice • Specification data sheet

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CONSEILS PRATIQUES PRACTICAL ADVICE Like any other product, V-korr should be treated with respect. By applying the ”use and maintenance” recommendations listed below, you will be able to preserve V-korr’s aesthetic and functional qualities. V-korr is easy to maintain thanks to its seamless and nonporous surface. Soap and water or any basic household product are enough to get rid of common stains. • How to get rid of persistent stains Burns, micro-scratches and surface stains can be removed with a scouring pad (e.g. Scotchbrite) or sandpaper. This will in no way affect your worktop because V-korr...

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PRACTICAL ADVICE • Is V-korr heat resistant ? Expert advice : • Will the colour change over time ? NO. The colour of V-korr will remain identical and stable over time. • How to erase micro- scratches Surface scratches can be easily removed using sandpaper with very fine grain. • Is V-korr repairable ? YES. Although V-korr is a uniform and extremely resistant material, an accident is still possible. However, it is fully repairable by a V-korr expert. • Is V-korr guaranteed ? YES. V-korr is guaranteed for 10 years. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects in the material. Pouring boiling liquids...

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specification data sheet Technical specifications 1. V-korr is a solid surfacing material. V-korr is an advanced composite product used as a decorative material with various domestic and commercial applications. V-korr offers design versatility, functionality and durability. It can be used as a material for : It can be used as a material for: - countertops, - bath/shower walls, - kitchen sinks, - basins - laboratory benches, etc., in numerous sectors including healthcare, retail, restaurants and hotels. V-korr is a solid, non-porous, homogeneous surfacing material, composed of approx. 1/3 acrylic...

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specification data sheet 10. MAINTENANCE To improve V-korr durability, certain maintenance rules should be applied, starting with a regular cleaning of the surfaces with non-abrasive products. Chemical agents should be cleaned immediately. Most often, the duration of exposure is the cause of the damage. V-korr provides superior value by being repairable in most cases. Minor cuts, scratches and stains can be removed by using fine sandpaper and Scotchbrite pads. Deeper cuts or impact damage, such as cracks, may need to be repaired by a member of the V-korr network. While unaffected by minor impacts,...

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Technical specifications sheet V-KORR RESISTANCE TO STAINS AND CHEMICALS This specification sheet deals with the stain and chemical resistance of V-korr. The difference between stain and chemical resistance is that chemical resistance is a measure of visible surface changes while stain resistance looks at the effects below the surface. To determine stain and chemical resistance, chemical reagents are placed on the surface for 16 hours* After the 16-hour period, reagents . are removed using the cleaning methods described in each referenced standard. *Although the 16-hour period is standard test...

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V-korr dealer : iStone Vaujalat - 43140 La Séauve-sur-Semène Tél. : 04 82 82 98 10 Email : info@istonefrance.com www.istone.fr

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