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Catalogue excerpts

Junijls Test Crafted Intelligence. polyurethane synthetic leather industry. Merging six decades of passion and experience with proprietary technology and an artisan process from Japan, Ultrafabrics® creates the most enhanced fabrics on the market - intelligently crafted for a global tomorrow.

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Ultrafabrics® is a company specializing in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality polyurethane fabrics on the market. Our certified manufacturing facility in Japan allows us the ability to develop unique products to specification and to deliver globally. We leverage this strength from servicing markets as diverse as automotive and aviation, to contract, healthcare and hospitality. At its core, Ultrafabrics® strives to establish successful long-term relationships with clients by providing them with an unmatched quality of product and service.

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Performance Perfected Since 1966, our polyurethane products have been produced using only custom engineered, premium grade polycarbonate resins utilizing our proprietary Takumi™ technology. The result is the creation of the most luxurious, highest performance products on the market. Examples of our superior composition and customizable capabilities for upholstery and wall covering applications depending on end use requirements include: • Breathable technology. • Antimicrobial protection. • Acoustical properties. • Mildew resistance. • Ink and stain resistant technology. • Anti static technology...

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Functional Beauty Ultrafabrics®’ polyurethane products are manufactured utilizing proprietary Takumi™ technology, mastered performance engineered directly into all four layers from the start. Synonymous with luxury, durability and ease of care, this unique design also touts thermal comfort - creating a comfortable, neutral body temperature regardless of the setting. Takumi™ technology is the dedication to craftsmanship, perfection and consistency in the creation of Ultrafabrics® polyurethane products. Protective Surface Layer MicroFoam Layer • Protects product from stains and harmful effects of...

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Intelligence Starts Within Ultrafabrics® understands the technologies needed to produce high performance materials by utilizing our exclusive polycarbonate resin formula in our manufacturing process. Each product undergoes rigorous hydrolysis testing per test methods: • ISO 1419 Method C: • ASTM D 3690-02 sec. 6.11 Not all “Polyurethanes” are alike. Ultrafabrics® Polycarbonate Polyurethane Other Polyurethane Synthetic Leathers Average product life: Over 10 years Average product life: Less than 2 years We ensure that every product on the market meets our premium standards. Lesser quality resin...

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Enabling Possibilities Ultrafabrics® products touch a variety of markets. Each fabric is engineered to withstand the demands of all industries, while the aesthetic properties enhance any environment experience. The extensive range of our in-line inventoried products meet or exceed the standards set in most industries. Our products can be engineered to achieve customer specific requirements. Accessories Automotive Aviation Corporate Dental Government Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality Marine Outdoor Residential Restaurant RV

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“The second you feel the product you realize – this is luxury. There is no competition.” Danielle Boecker, President Ultrafabrics , LLC ®

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“Ultrafabrics® has some of the best products on the market. Their designs are creative, contemporary, and offer a wide variety of applications.” Mark Conforzi Ford Motor Company With a global footprint ranging across all industries, Ultrafabrics® boasts a large variety of top-tier partnerships. The same passion poured into our products is exerted directly into our customer service, working closely with clients to exceed their expectations. As a result, a loyal following of clients work with Ultrafabrics® season after season for all project needs.

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At Ultrafabrics®, we offer environmentally conscious, PVC-free products concerned with the long-term impact on our present and future lifestyle. The minimal VOC performance attributes of our products ensures a sustainable presence within your inner and outer environment. Ultrafabrics® utilizes efficient manufacturing procedures that are based on conservation of raw materials, toxic-free solutions and minimal dependency on natural resources. * Greenguard® Certified • No PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) • No POPS (Persistent Organic Pollutants) • No PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) • No HFRs (Halogenated...

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Endless Options Brisa® Fresco Ultraleather™ Fusion Ultraleather™ Linen Ultraleather™ Promessa® Ultraleather™ Pearlized Ultraleather™ Pony Brisa® Distressed High UV Ultraleather™ Ostrich Ultrafabrics®’ innovative approach to polyurethane solutions allow for infinite customizable options - from color to texture to technically enhanced qualities. Our current inventory includes an extensive range of products, carefully developed to anticipate the demands of current trends and seasons, while being immediately available to meet the needs of any project. Ultraleather™ Raffia Brisa® Distressed Ultrafabrics...

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USA Ultrafabrics®, LLC 303 South Broadway Suite 201 Tarrytown, NY 10591 T +01.914.460.1730 F +01.914.631.3572 info@ultrafabricsllc.com www.ultrafabricsllc.com EU Ultrafabrics® Europe Ltd 19 The Warren East Goscote, Leicestershire, LE7 3XA United Kingdom All European, Middle Eastern and African Enquiries: T + ufe@ultrafabricsllc.com

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