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ORMA modular formwork - 78 Pages

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ORMA modular formwork
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Catalog excerpts

ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Vertical formwork: strong, versatile and suitable to be used in many applications

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IMPORTANT: Any safety provisions as directed by the appropriate governing agencies must be observed when using our products. The pictures in this document are snapshots of situations at different stages of assembly, and therefore are not complete images. For the purpose of safety, they should not be deemed as definitive. All of the indications regarding safety and operations contained in this document, and the data on stress and loads should be respected. ULMA Construcción’s Technical Department must be consulted anytime that field changes alter our equipment installation drawings. The loads featured...

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Product description Basic system components Basic assembly process Technical solutions Handling and repair Components and accessories Our products ULMA Construcción addresses

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Product description Safety and special features The ORMA Modular Formwork system provides solutions for the execution of any type of vertical structure, no matter how risky it may seem: walls, columns, abutments, foundations… It is suitable for framing any geometrical shape. The high performance of this system is guaranteed for any type of construction job, whether constructing buildings or other civil engineering projects. The system is comprised mainly of panels, joined by clamps, available in gangs that make up the formwork. ORMA has elements or accessories that efficiently...

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Possibilities of the ORMA system: Features and Solutions 1 Climbing systems One face formwork support ORMA-BRIO Bracket Walkway bracket ORMA Platform Hinged corners Post bracket

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Basic system components Versatile and capable of adapting to all ULMA Construcción vertical systems ULMA Construcción is committed to making versatile products with the objective of maximizing product performance and minimizing costs of construction. Accordingly, the ORMA Modular Formwork system is comprised of a series of components that, for the most part, can be used in conjunction with different ULMA Construcción vertical formwork systems. Panels: A perfect custom concrete finishing GSV certification: · Maximum load pressure: 3.3m range: 80 kN/m2 2.7m range: 74 kN/m2...

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Large panel 3.3x2.4m (7.92m2) with 3 tying points in height. Big Panel 2.7x2.4m (6.48m2) with 2 tying points in height. Three ranges of panel heights: 3.3m 2.7m and 1.2m panels. These are completely compatible and can be assembled in vertical or horizontal position.

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK The 3.3 and 2.7 Panel ranges can be assembled face to face and are compatible. Width range: 0.3 / 0.45 / 0.6 / 0.75 / 0.9 / 1.2 and 2.4m. Gangs can be laid out every 15cm by combining different panels.

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK The metal frame is formed by a perimeter profile and reinforced corners capable of absorbing impacts and avoiding breakage due to incorrect use. Besides, these corners reinforcement include a hollow to introduce the crow bar. L Adjustable Clamp Section The panels have lateral holes that are reinforced on the profiles for providing bulkhead, corner and pilaster solutions, thus making the system highly versatile. L Universal Panel-Wall Panel joint L ORMA Panel’s height range (from 2.4m to 4.5m)

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK The shuttering face of the 18mm thick plywood is riveted to the metal structure. Its edges and tie holes are protected against impact and moisture. L ORMA Panel’s height range (from 4.8m to 9.9m)

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Universal Panel Multiple applications The Universal Panel has U-shaped ribs with multipunched holes. Thus, these holes permit quickly framing corners, bulkheads and pilasters combining Universal and wall panels. Range Of Universal Panels 3.3x0.92 Panel 2.7X0.92 Panel 1.2X0.92 Panel L Wall Panel-Universal Panel joint Universal Panels can also be used as wall panels, so they have tie holes in the perimeter profile where Tie Rods can be inserted.

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Clamps: Fast and simple connection Adjustable Clamp Guaranteed strong joints and fast assembly This is the main component used to join panels. With one single strike of the hammer, it can be used to make gangs that are assured to be tight joint, no any concrete leak. · It has three basic functions: Joining Aligning Stiffening L Adjustable Clamp Section L The tightness of the joint is assured L This clamp can cover fillers between panels up to 10cm wide

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Fixed Clamp Guaranteed tight joint Panel joint component that cannot be used in conjuction with compensation. Just as with the Adjustable Clamp, all panel joints can be formed with this clamp. L Fixed Clamp Section L The clamp joins panels in the edge

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Waler: Fixing for lifting Auxiliary part used to lift gangs and align compensation. Two Waler Hooks are used to fix these elements to the panel. L Waler Hook detail L These pieces provide rigidity and stability in hoisting L Anchor of the Waler Hook in ORMA´s Panel

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK L Filler detail using Walers L Filler detail using Walers

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Tying System: This tying system is strong enough to support the high pressures exerted when concrete is poured This is an assembly formed by Tie Rods and nuts specially designed to support high concrete pressures. The ORMA system joins panels face-to-face using Tie Rods and their respective tying elements. To permit recovering material and reusing it, the rods are protected by plastic tubes that are inserted between face-to-face panels. In addition, they maintain the proper spacing and thickness of the wall to be executed. Ø15mm and Ø20mm Tie Rods can be used with the ORMA...

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ORMA MODULAR FORMWORK Lifting: Completely safe and resistant gang lifting The ORMA Lifting Hook is an auxiliary component used in conjunction with a crane to lift single panels or gangs of panels. CARGA MAX. DE USO MAX. WORKING LOAD MAX. TRAGFÄHIGKEIT With maximum load capacity of 1500kg per unit, it is recommended to use two lifting hooks when lifting. Ps. Otadui, 3 - Apdo. 13 20560 OÑATI (SPAIN) ANGULO MAX. DE ESLINGAS MAX. CHAIN ANGLE The following certifications guarantee that it is a safe component: The “CE” mark corresponds to European Directive 98/37/CE on machinery, and the maintenance...

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