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MK system - 28 Pages

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MK system
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Catalog excerpts

MK SYSTEM Manifold configurations with a standard system

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IMPORTANT: Any safety provisions as directed by the appropriate governing agencies must be observed when using our products. The pictures in this document are snapshots of situations at different stages of assembly, and therefore are not complete images. For the purpose of safety, they should not be deemed as definitive. All instructions regarding safety and operations contained in this document, and the data on stress and loads must be respected. ULMA Construcción’s Technical Department must be consulted any time that field changes alter our equipment installation drawings. The loads featured...

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Product description Applications System components and accessories ULMA in the World

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Tunnel form carrier Deck flange form carrier MK SYSTEM FORMWORK SYSTEMS CLIMBING SYSTEMS Parapet form carrier

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Viaduct construction with MK Shoring System High walls with ENKOFORM VMK vertical Product description CVS Cantilever Carriage application for the wings of a steelconcrete composite bridge The MK System has been designed for a great variety of applications requiring high load-bearing capacity which is mainly the case for civil engineering projects but can also be for any other construction. The all-rounder for heavy-duty structures provides powerful solutions: FORM CARRIERS FOR BRIDGES FORM CARRIERS FOR TUNNELS SHORING FOR THE SUPPORT OF FORMWORK OR OTHER STRUCTURES HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL FORMWORK CLIMBING...

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Applications MK Structures All those structure which require high load capacity can be configured by connecting MK walers. The combination of the MK Structure system with other shoring and traveller systems increases the number of possible solutions: Powerful shoring for special buildings Construction of upper slab and wings of steel -concrete composite bridge Support structure for ENKOFORM HMK formwork in large span applications. It is easy to adapt to and to reinforce according to the particular building site requirements. Deck flange form carrier in concrete bridge MK Truss shoring up bridge MK...

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Parapet form carrier Light form carrier which can be moved manually. It is used for applications with lower load-bearing and forward-moving requirements. It only requires a solid base where to rest the guide rail on. Construction of bridge with balanced cantilevers Parapet form carrier in between two bridge decks This system is the appropriate for the construction of bridge protection parapets. Example of parapet form carrier The MK System in its configuration of a cantilever form carriage eases the construction of pier segments with balanced cantilevers as well as straight or curved decks of...

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Vertical formwork carrier Vertical formwork carrier for double-sided walls By fixing the formwork onto this carrier, it eases and simplifies the formwork erection and stripping works and the travel of the formwork to the next pouring stage in the construction of singleor double-sided concrete walls. Vertical formwork carrier for single-sided walls Tunnel form carrier Any required geometry is formed with the available standard items The solution with the MK System for tunnels can be considered another type of form carrier adapted to the particular requirements of tunnel construction. It effectively...

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Formwork systems ENKOFORM HMK With beams and standard walers, the horizontal formwork ENKOFORM HMK allows adapting to the varied shapes of concrete structures in civil engineering. With this system, it is possible to form the varied sections of bridge decks, overpasses and underpasses, and any other application that requires high load capacity. ENKOFORM HMK in the construction of a bridge deck ridge sections, viaducts, overpasses and B other, with constant or variable section in width and depth Typology of works with ENKOFORM HMK: Combination of ENKOFORM HMK and T-60 Shoring Pier caps System benefits ENKOFORM...

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ENKOFORM VMK It provides great performance and excellent finishes as vertical formwork in any application of building construction and civil works: walls, columns, abutments and piers. In accordance to the requirements of each project, it is possible to make customised panels consisting of steel walers, timber beams and phenol faced plywood. System benefits It provides excellent finishes capable of suiting the requirements of surface designs predefined by the architect. Reduced transport volume if the material is delivered dismantled to the building site. The formwork can be optimised according...

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Silo solution with ENKOFORM VMK curved formwork on climbing structure Applications ENKOFORM VMK offers solutions for numerous vertical concrete geometries: Embedded column - 90º wall intersections Beam VM20 Connection Plate Working bracket Curved panels

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MK Shoring Systems With the MK system, it is possible to configure different load support structures in the field of civil engineering. The module sizes in plan view are of 0.75; 1; 1.5; 2; 2.5 and 3 m, in all their combinations. Shoring of formwork for viaduct with MK-360 towers anchored to the foundations and with work platforms at the top for formwork erection works System components Working platform

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System benefits Modular and flexible system capable of providing numerous configurations for shoring. Possibility to assemble independent towers or entire shoring structures. Independent jacks give solution to superelevations. Connection between components Anchoring of the tower base increases the permissible load capacity. Easy and secure joints between components. Anchorage of the base of the towers Different stripping options, at base or head. Erection of wind bracing systems between towers to provide optimum solutions. Shoring with MK props of prefabricated beams in abutment Shoring of vehicle...

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MK Climbing Systems CONVENTIONAL CLIMBING SYSTEMS These are formwork support systems which make the construction in stages of high-rise repetitive buildings more cost-effective. System benefits Compatible with ULMA formwork, both modular as well as beam-based. In a single crane movement - entire sets of climbing brackets and formwork panels are moved to the next pouring stage. Easy adaptation to different geometries: straight, inclined and circular walls. Availability of working platforms at different levels with protection equipment for front and lateral safety and access ladders between platforms....

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