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Catalogue excerpts


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We form part of the ULMA Group, one of the largest Business Groups in the North of Spain, with nearly 50 years of experience in the market and a clear commitment to Innovation, Employment and Added Value.The ULMA Group also forms part of the MONDRAGON Corporation. Our experience has helped us develope a wide range of products aimed at four market segments: OUR MATERIAL Polymer concrete is a high-quality material made up of a select combination of silica aggregated and quartz adhered by polyester resins. Our precast products are completely homogeneous and they maintain excellent physical and mechanical...

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We have a wide range of Solutions that can be incorporated in any construction project. They provide results in terms of resistance and impermeability, at competitive prices with a complete selection of measurements.

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COPING Polymer concrete copings unit employed to finish the top of a wall which is intended to let the rainwater slip on its face and avoid its penetration therein. All radii available from 1 meter upwards. Place a layer of at least 10-15 mm of mortar with 3/1 cement type M160-a on the wall. Standard length:130 cm 1:Standard Length:100 cm (*):Radio water towards the outside. RI: Radio water towards the inside. RE:Angle water towards the outside. Prepare and clean the wall of parapet where the coping is to be placed, ensuring that the surface is straight. Lift the clamps on the backside of the...

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WINDOW SILLS Polymer concrete window sills. Units intended to drain the rainwater from window openings. Ideal for any kind of construction, both for its simplicity of installation and aesthetics. DIFFERENT SOLUTIONS In case of holes requiring more than one window sill due to the length, a joint of 5 mm of expansion will be also foreseen. Follow the installation steps for coping, marking the joint of 5 mm in each one of the extremes. INSTALLATION OF WINDOW SILLS Max length: 260 cm 1:Standard Length: 100 cm (*):Outer radius of wall. All radii available from1 meter upwards. Radius Unit Max length:...

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LINTELS Polymer concrete lintels. Horizontal element intended to carry the load of the upper walls of door and window spans. The piece has threaded M8 nuts the lintel on the corresponding line of bricks, leaning it on the facade with about 12 cm at either side (recommended). (see Fig 1). 2. The lintel has M8 threaded nuts embedded in the mass every 50 cm. 3. Fix the lintel to the top floor slab or to any resis- tant element, using L-shaped stainless steel platens (see Fig. 2). The platen is screwed on to the nuts on the lintel and on the other end the floor slab is screwed. We recommend carrying...

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STRING COURSE Pieces horizontally placed in the facade of buildings in order to bond the windows of a floor. They are manufactured to a standard size of 130 cm (refer to attached table), except the Model-ND which is made with a maximum length of 260 cm. IMP-H IMP-T STANDARD LENGTH THRESHOLDS Unit located in the access step of a building’s door entrance or balcony. They are custom manufactured with a maximum length of 260 cm and variable width (refer to attached table). The base of the pieces are roughened and have anchors for a good quality installation. Nonskid elements

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MOULDINGS Aesthetic element used mainly to decorate and frame openings. They are manufactured to a standard size w/o attached plate. PORTHOLE SURROUNDS Comprehensive solution composed of internal piece and frame with a completely distinguishable aesthetic style.

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SLAB FACES Unit which covers the front of the floor structure of each floor in a building in order to avoid water seeping through.They are manufactured to a standard size of 130 cm and variable width. UNIT FOR SLAB WIDTH CODE Straight Corner BALCONY INFILLINGS Unit to be placed as a continuation of the balcony stoneware or pavement at its joint with the facade. STANDARD LENGTH STANDARD LENGTH

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JAMBS Polymer concrete jambs. Each one of the pieces are placed vertically at the window or door opening sides. PIER CAPS Pieces employed to finish the top of a pier which is intended to let the rainwater slip away from its face and avoid its penetration therein. GARGOYLES Drainage pieces protruded from which the water is projected from the vertical line of the facade wall.They are manufactured to a standard size w/o attached plate.

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WINDOWS SURROUND Pieces combining the jamb and mouldings in a sole piece which decorates a window opening. External window side External window side PLINTH The PLINTH is a precast coating which is placed on the perimeter wall adjacent to the ground, whose main purpose is aesthetic as well as protection against bumps and scratches. Our plinth are prized for their variety of colors and perfect finish. RU-70/95/140 ZANQUIN Special plinth to be placed on stairs.

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CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS SPECIAL WINDOW SURROUND TECHNICAL INFORMATION • For this project ULMA has deve- loped a special Window Surroud. It fits perfectly well, it is elegant and the result is outstanding. • Product: Special Window Surround. • Type of projects: New Construction • Category: Customized Solution TECHNICAL INFORMATION • This project is an emblematic building. The Cornise was developed thanks to the collaboration of the architect, the constractor and ULMA. • Product: Special Cornice. • Type of projects: New Construction • Category: Customized Solution We provide Customized solutions,to...

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SPECIAL CORNICE AND WINDOW SILL TECHNICAL INFORMATION • The situation of this house at the coast, was determinat to choose polymer concrete. This material has a minimal water absorption so is ideal for humind areas. • Product: Especial Cornise and round window sills. • Type of projects: New Construction • Category: Customized Solution TECHNICAL INFORMATION • For this project ULMA has designed a cornice which it works as well as a window sourround. The lightness of the material provide high performance when being installed. • Product: Spacial cornice for a window. Type of projects: New Construction...

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