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Brochuere Uhlmann Umbrellas - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Quality meets Elegance Umbrellas of Excellence!

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Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas Since the company was founded in 1994 Uhlmann have been producing superior giant umbrellas for discerning customers with superior requirements. In accordance with our high quality standards, our round, square and rectangular giant umbrellas are manufactured using only the very best materials available. Our range of umbrellas comprises 90 different sizes in 6 type variations, covering from 4 m2 to more than 78 m2. When combined with our comprehensive selection of accessories and our range of 47 standard colours, we are able to provide you with custom solutions tailored to...

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Membranes, Materials, Colours Brands that put their trust in us Guttering and Side Sheets Ground Sleeves and Portable Bases

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An allrounder that is perfectly designed! Depending on your individual requirements, The classic among our centre mast umbrellas    Type T umbrellas can be installed using guarantees professional shading for any re-    concrete foundations with in-ground sleeves, quirement. Our Classic Type T umbrellas cover base plates or portable bases. from 4 m2 to 27 m2. The tried and tested telescopic system and state of the art gearbox situated within the mast, provides maximum stability, functionality and durability. It is operated by crank handle or pin, whereby the frame is raised when closing, so that,...

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Sizes: Shaded area: Mast: Mast thickness: Arms: Operation: Colours: Accessories: Specifications Type T From 2 m to 6.5 m 4 m2 to 27.5 m2 0 80 mm 3 mm to 4 mm 35 x 25 x 2 mm or 45 x 25 x 2 mm Crank handle / crank pin See page 17 Available as an optional extra The Type T umbrella is available in 43 different sizes. The table on the right shows all the standard sizes in 0.5 m steps. Additional sizes are available on request. We have the perfect solution for every terrace.

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The umbrella to cover anywhere! The Uhlmann Giant has a unique design concept of its own. Manufactured using either 10 or 12-arm geometry and equipped with a telescope and sliding mechanism, the Giant offers excellent table clearances throughout the whole range. The external sliding mechanism is connected with the telescope by means of two stainless steel cables. Both telescope and sliding mechanism are held in place by synthetic slide bearings to give stability and to avoid twisting. The state of the art gearbox ensures that even the largest umbrellas are very easy to open and close. With an...

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Mast thickness:    TL = 3 mm, TLX = 5 mm Operation:    Crank handle / crank pin Colours:    See page 17 Accessories:    Available as an optional extra SquareRectangle Type TL and TLX umbrellas are available in 21 different sizes. Should you require sizes not included in our standard range, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have the perfect solution for every terrace.

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Available as: Our Strong Wind umbrella is made to withstand the elements in exposed locations such as costal areas, on roof terraces and in high altitude regions etc. This umbrella was especially developed for extremely windy locations and tested in the wind tunnel. Reinforced arms, exceptionally stable hinge points and an extremely strong mast, enable the Titan to defy wind speeds of up to 102 km/h. The gearbox and spindle mechanism located inside the mast can be operated via crank handle or pin, and as with all of our ranges, the entire frame is raised as the umbrella is closed. Depending on...

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Sizes: Shaded area: Mast: Material thickness: Arms: Operation: Colours: Accessories: Specifications Type TS / TXS / TX external dimensions 3 m to 0 8 m 7 m2 to 50 m2 TS = 0 80 mm, TXS, TX = 0 110 mm 4 mm - 5 mm 45 x 25 x 2 mm to 56 x 31 x 2.5 mm Crank handle / crank pin see page 17 Available as an optional extra The reinforced Type TX and the strong wind umbrellas Type TS and TXS are available in 19 different sizes. TS = strong wind edition with 80 mm mast, up to 102 km/h TX = reinforced version, with 110 mm mast, up to 70 km/h TXS = reinforced strong wind edition with 110 mm mast, up to 102 km/h

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Membranes and Fabrics Sunacryl specifications (acrylic material) ■ 100% acryl sunacryl solution-dyed Cleanguard Coating outdoor finish Weight 290 g/m2 Colour fastness and UV resistance 7 to 8/8 (UV 801) Water pressure resistance 350 mm Visual protection Vt = Visual transmission (% of light penetration through the fabric) Light colouring Airtex specifications (polyester) 100% polyester Teflon outdoor finish Weight 195 g/m2 Colour fastness and UV resistance 6 to 8/8 (UV 801) Water pressure resistance 700 mm Our membranes are cut on computer operated machines and sewn in-house by fully qualified...

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■ SunacrylWeight: approx. 290 g/m2 ± 5%, water pressure resistance: 350 mm 7133    ,|0®»© ■ Airtex (polyester)Weight: approx. 195 g/m2 ± 5%, water pressure resistance: 700 mm 9665    9654    9853 Printed colours in this brochure may deviate from the original fabric colours. Please do not hesitate to request our colour chart with original fabric samples.

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Brands that put their trust in us Get ready to set the scene for you and your brand! Giant umbrellas provide the ideal solution for effective Besides providing professional expertise and advice, advertising. Printed valances and roof sections can turn the team at Uhlmann, and its in-house design and ad- your umrella into a real eye-catcher. vertising department, ensures reliable and professional implementation of your advertising requirements.

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Frame Frame Our robust frames are renowned in the industry for their strength and durability. Depending on the size and type of umbrella, the extruded aluminium profiles are internally reinforced. All aluminium profiles are finished with a high quality powder coating. This guarantees high scratch and impact resistance as well as protection against climatic and environmental influences. All connecting components are manufactured from high quality stainless or galvanised steel. Each of the arms can be individually replaced. Springloaded end pieces in the ends of the arms ensure automatic tightening...

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