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Catalogue excerpts

Technical documentation Solar technology • TopSon F3-1/F3-Q/CFK-1 flat-plate collectors • Swimming pool absorber *Hinweis: Jetzt Nachfolgemodell TopSon F3-1 mit noch besseren technischen Werten sowie Nachfolge-Speichermodel SEM-2-300

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TopLine / ComfortLine High performance flat-plate collectors TopSon F3-1 / F3-Q High performance flat-plate collector CFK-1 for solar heating systems used for DHW heating for solar heating systems used for central heating backup Benefits of the Wolf high performance flat-plate collectors at a glance: • High performance flat-plate collectors tested to EN 12975 part 2 with top energy utilisation; the minimum yield for grants/subsidies [Germany] has been certified • Certified in accordance with Solar-Keymark (F3-1) • The conditions set for the ‘Blue Angel‘ certificate of environmental excellence...

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Control units TopLine solar technology Solar modules SM1/SM2 • Extension module for the regulation of solar systems • In conjunction with Wolf boilers, greater energy saving through intelligent cylinder reheating, i.e. blocking cylinder reheating when there is sufficient solar yield • Optional connection of heat meters • Display of set and actual values on the BM and BM Solar programming module • eBus interface • Rast-5 connection technology • SM1 module facilitates regulation of one solar circuit Model shown is Solar module SM1 • SM2 module provides added functionality to regulate up to 2 cylinders...

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Domestic hot water cylinder Stainless steel twin coil construction rTihSd-f STOW Ut-FMbr/ Boiler * Cylinders 400 Ltrs and above are fitted with 1" BSPF Tappings Foam Information ODP Ozone Depletion Potential = 0 GWP Global Warning Potential = 2.2 Foam Type = Polyurethane

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Pipework layout Solar DHW heating with the SEM-... solar cylinder 2 3 1 4 °C °C eBus 5 °C °C bar 8 10 6 7 9 1 Collector array 6 Solar control unit cylinder sensor 2 Air vent trap 7 Fill & drain valve 3 Collector sensor 8 Solar cylinder SEM-... 4 Temperature differential control unit (e.g. SM1) 9 Boiler with control R2 5 Pump/fitting assembly 10 Cylinder sensor, heating water 5

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Accessories TopLine solar technology Pump/fitting assembly comprising: 2 x multi-valves with Ø18 mm (Ø22 mm for solar pump assembly 20) locking ring fittings, each with a gravity brake in the flow and return; can be installed with air grille, two integral dial thermometers, one 6 bar safety valve, one 0-10 bar pressure gauge. With drain & fill valve, air separator and manual air vent valve instantly making the solar thermal system eligible for subsidies. wall retainer and installation material, insulation made from EPP, temperature-resistant up to 130 °C (peaks of up to 180 °C). With integral...

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Technical information for solar DHW heating with flat-plate collectors 5 Example: Climate zone Midlands / North Wales: 1100 - 1000 Roof inclination: 45° Collector orientation: SE DHW demand (approx. 75 l / person / day) Number of occupants: 4 Global Radiation Key kWh/(m2p.a.) 4 3 2 1 Climate zone Roof orientation Climate zone Global Radiation Key kWh/(m2p.a.) 1 Over 1200 kWh 2 1200 - 1100 kWh 1100 - 1000 kWh 3 4 1000 - 900 kWh 5 900 - 800 kWh Roof inclination Hot water requirement Low Standard 0.6 Number of flat-plate collectors Roof orientation Factor x 1.2 DHW demand Factor 1.1 x ➞ Factor: ➞...

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The comprehensive equipment range from system supplier Wolf offers the ideal solution for new build and for modernisation projects alike. The range of Wolf control units fulfils every need where heating convenience is concerned. The products are easy to operate, energy-efficient and reliable. Photovoltaic and solar heating systems can be quickly integrated into existing systems. All Wolf products can be easily and rapidly commissioned and maintained. Wolf Sales, Ubbink (UK) Ltd., Borough Road, Brackley, Northants, NN13 7TB. Tel: 01280-700211 Fax: 01280-705332 Email: Website:...

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