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Roofing Products
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Catalog excerpts

Roofing Products Vents, terminals, adaptors & accessories

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UB19 Ubivent Tile/Slate Vent 4 UB8 Plain Tile Vent 5 UB62 In-line Tile Vent 6 UB16 Universal Lead Tile Vent 7 UB11 Vepac Roof Ventilating UB17 Slate Space Vent 9 OFVS Over Fascia System 10/11 Eaves Cuard BCF55 Bird Comb Filler SIM-Fix® Slate Strap RB100 Roll Out Rafter Tray 16 UB37 Plain Tile Terminal Adaptors, connectors OFT Flat Roof Vent/Terminal 26/27 Purilan Skylight discontinued products Cold Roof Void Pitched Roof over 15° Cold Roof Void Mono Pitched Roof over 15' Warm Roof Void Warm Roof Void Roof window or other obstruction in a fully inclined ceiling

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Ventilation Regulations Pitched Roofs Building Regulation C2, Roofs (Resistance to damage from interstitial condensation) 6.10 - A roof will meet the requirement if it is designed and constructed in accordance with clause 8.4 of BS5250 and BS EN ISO 13788. These and other situations are shown in the diagrams opposite. Tiled or slated pitched roof slopes of 15° and above should be provided with ventilation openings equivalent to the following continuous openings: Cold Roof Low level ventilation to two opposite sides - 10mm High level ventilation to two opposite sides for pitches over 35° and spans...

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UB19 Ubivent Tile/Slate Vent Red Design & Performance The UB19 is a streamlined hood suitable for most roof finishes and has a free vent area of 22,000mm2. For the UB19 to be converted into a terminal for soil & vent, mechanical & natural ventilation. See page 21. Material PVC-u and polyethylene. Colour Standard colours: terracotta, red, sepia, anthracite. Terracotta Anthracite Modern (MD/MDA)

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UB8 Plain Tile Vent Sepia Design & Performance The UB8 is an in-line roof ventilating tile for use in small plain non-interlocking tiles. Designed specially to merge into the surface of plain tiles without disturbing the roofline, each UB8 has a free vent area of 6,250mm2. The design features a slotted insect inhibitor to keep out large insects and vermin. UB8 plain tile vents are suitable for both high and low level ventilation and can be installed without batten or tile trimming. Matching units are also available for the termination of building services by adding a UB8 connector (294304) (soil...

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UB62 In-line Tile Vent Anthracite Design & Performance The UB62 In-line vent offers high performance whilst retaining the aesthetics of the roof design. It is designed to provide ventilation of the roof space, either at high or low levels. UB62s are suitable for all pitches above 25° and may be used to supplement or replace other ventilation such as dry ridge, abutment or eaves systems. They are also suitable for ventilation of compartmental roof spaces, such as fire walls. With the use of a stepped adaptor, the UB62 can also be used for mechanical extraction or with soil pipes for removal of...

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UB16 Universal Tile Vent Design & Performance The UB16 is a universal roof vent for use in most tiled and slated pitched roofs without the need to identify the make or design of the tiles or slates. The unit comprises a streamlined hood on a circular upstand with a 500mm x 500mm Ubiflex flashing skirt. The upstand protrudes below the Ubiflex skirt to form a 160mm diameter penetration sleeve. The free vent area of the UB16 is 20,000mm2 and it has an integral mesh to stop the ingress of large insects and vermin. If a matching terminal is required the UB41 should be used – See page 17. Material Ubiflex...

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UB11 Vepac Roof Ventilating Slate Design & Performance The UB11 Vepac vent is an in-line unit with a multi-purpose base which will provide inconspicuous ventilation in natural and manmade slate roofs(suitable for 600mm x 300mm and 500mm x 250mm). Ubbink now also offer a larger unit which is only suitable for 600mm x 300mm slates. UB11s are suitable for high or low level ventilation in roofs of 25o and over. Each vent has a slotted inhibitor to keep out large insects and vermin and provides a free vent area of 10,750mm2. This vent can be adapted for use as a service terminal with a vepac connector...

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UB17 Slate Space Vent Design & Performance The UB17 Slate Space Vent is a roof void ventilator for use in slates. The base as supplied is a direct replacement for a 600 x 300mm slate. When the 25mm side bands are trimmed off and the inner set of fixing points are used, the unit is then a direct replacement for a 500 x 250mm slate. The UB17 is suitable for both high and low level ventilation and has a free vent area of 10,000mm2. The vent can be adapted for use as a service terminal with a UB17 adaptor (100140294390). See page 22. Material Polyethylene Colour Black

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OFVS Over Fascia Ventilating System Design & Performance The Ubbink Over Fascia Ventilating System is a one-piece interlocking system fitted to the top of the fascia which provides: • Eaves level continuous ventilation • Semi-rigid hinged underlay support flap • Large insect and vermin inhibitor • Discharge of water from underlay to gutter • Under tile bird excluder (OFVS10 only) There are two types of OFVS strip available which are suitable for use in roof pitches 15° - 70° although below 23° additional support may be needed for the support flap to prevent ponding. OFVS10 & OFVS/10L provide 900mm...

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OFVS Over Fascia System (cont’d) At hips and valleys, the system should be sawn to form tight fitting mitred joints. To prevent possible leakage at valleys, a flashing of underlay material should be positioned under the joint to discharge into the gutter. In a parapet/valley gutter situation in the absence of a fascia, it may be possible to introduce a timber fillet on which the system can be fixed. When installing OFVS, due allowance must be made for the height of the system. The following figures can be used as guidelines: Pitch of Roof Allowance Material Polypropylene Colour Black

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Design & Performance DOS10/25 is an over fascia ventilation strip. It is designed with a radiused leading edge to protect the felt and has an integral large insect and vermin inhibitor. DOS10 is 28mm high x 35mm deep x 1.0m or 500mm long. The strips lock together and provide 10,000mm2 per metre of continuous ventilation. DOS25 is 32mm high x 35mm deep x 1.0m or 500 mm long. The strips lock together and provide 25,000mm2 per metre of continuous ventilation. Material Polypropylene Colour Black

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