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Catalog excerpts

LIGHT Roof windows and skylights

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More light makes more of a home... More than ever before, today’s consumers are looking to maximise available space in their homes. Often there is more room than may be obvious - it’s simply a case of optimising what already exists. Previously unused areas in lofts or under sloping roofs can be opened up to provide useful living accommodation, simply by introducing natural light. Ubbink’s wide range of top quality, easy-toinstall roof windows provides practical and durable solutions for all kinds of buildings and roof constructions. Quality you can trust Ubbink, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers...

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Ubbink PVC pivoting roof windows 78 cm 0,23 m * 98 cm Sizes 0,30 m2* Ubbink pivoting roof windows are available in a wide range of popular sizes, as shown opposite. 2 0,48 m2* 118 cm Roof pitch 0,61 m2* The size of the roof window depends on the pitch of the roof. Opt for a larger roof window if the pitch is shallower. 0,96 m2* 150 480 620 78 cm 200 cm 90-110cm 140 cm m 55 cm m m 0,74 m2* 98 c 0c 8c 11 14 900 114 cm * Effective glass area Ubbink flashings I I All our flashings are made from aluminium. Our lead substitute, Ubiflex, is used for H and U flashings with no lead content. Roof tiles...

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Ubbink roof window accessories Waterproof, breathing underfelt collars Ubbink underfelt collars are manufactured from the highest quality air permeable roof membrane. They ensure an effective watertight installation and also help to prevent energy loss. Roller Blinds Ubbink roller blinds are a practical and attractive way of controlling internal light levels. The blinds are supplied with an elegant aluminium frame. Standard colours are grey and beige. Tips for installers By following these simple instructions you can ensure that your customers enjoy their Ubbink roof windows to the full. 1. Maximise...

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Ubbink PVC pivoting roof windows: technical details I PVC framework with steel core, for extreme durability and long, maintenance-free life I Excellent energy coefficient: frame U = 1.4 W/m2K (TUV approved); glass U = 1.1 W/m2K: double glazing (4-16-4) I High insulation factor, thanks to multiple chambers (see vertical cross section) I Long warranty: 20 years on the glass and 10 years on the frame I High-quality Saint-Gobain glazing elements I Optional self-cleaning Bioclean® glass The outer surface of the pivoting window can, be turned to the inside for cleaning. The handle is located on the...

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Ubbink Means of Escape (MOE) Windows Ubbink’s top hung Means of Escape (MOE) window has been designed to meets the requirements for a clear opening to comply with BS5588, the regulation for loft conversions of one new story containing habitable rooms. This states that the room or rooms shall each have a window with a clear opening of not less than 850mm by 500mm positioned such that the bottom of the opening is no more than 1100mm from the floor and so that the distance from the eaves does not exceed 1.5m measured along the roof. The Ubbink MOE window is currently wooden framed but will be available...

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*y Ubbink tubular skylights Ubbink tubular skylights direct light into dark internal areas with ceilings, by means of a highly reflective tube which passes through the roof void. ■ Available in 2 dome diameters: ■ Domes are fitted with reflectors to ensure maximum light is reflected ■ Double skinned internal diffuser ■ Extension tubes can be added to reach the required distance of travel ■ Lighting kits are available for night-time lighting and daylight dimming kits for solar shading ^ Ubbink flat roof domes An extensive range of dome rooflights are available from Ubbink, to maximise the use of...

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Printed on 9lives 55 Gloss 55% total recycled fibre 45% FSC certified virgin fibre. Cert no. SC-COC-1488 Less energy, more comfort Ubbink (UK) Ltd Borough Road Brackley Northants NN13 7TB T. +44 1280 700211 F. +44 1280 705332 E.

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