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Heat Recovery Ventilation
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Catalog excerpts

HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATION A healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate, all year round

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ROOM VENTILATION Heat Recovery Ventilation (H RV) system 04 02 I 03 Ubbink- Heat Recovery Ventilation

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High-comfort, low-energy ventilation In today’s energy-conscious world, the regulation of thermal performance of buildings has created a need for more efficient ventilation systems to minimise heat loss and unneccessary energy consumption. This system is complemented by an innovative air distribution system featuring unique, semi-circular ducting that is both compact and easy to install, bringing savings in space and time spent on-site. To meet this growing demand, Ubbink has developed a range of integrated products and systems to provide effective ventilation solutions for all kinds of buildings....

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Ubbink Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) By using a Ubbink HRV system the calculated heat loss is actually reduced, making homes much more energy efficient. Stale air - polluted with smells, CO2 and humidity will be constantly extracted via ducted air valves in the kitchen, utility, bathrooms and cloakrooms and passed through a counter current heat exchanger before being evacuated to the outside as cold air. Fresh air - ducted from outside via an F6 pollen filter, is warmed by the high efficiency heat exchanger and then delivered through air valves into living rooms and bedrooms. All appliances...

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Key 1. eated fresh air to living rooms H and bedrooms 2. Cold stale air to outside 3. arm stale air from kitchen, W bathrooms and cloakrooms 4. Fresh outside air 5. Filters 6. Heat exchanger 7. Control pcb 8. Settings display 9. irect current fans D (for constant volume) 10. Condensate discharge Settings display All appliances incorporate a settings and functions display for increased ease of installation and operation. An optional cable kit and diagnosis software are available for computer servicing purposes. 95% efficient The synthetic heat exchanger transfers 95% of the heat, which makes further...

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Demand-controlled ventilation Normal operation is to divide the input ventilation air to suit the size of the various rooms to be supplied. As fresh outdoor air to those rooms is only really needed when they are occupied, Ubbink HRV's can incorporate demand-controlled monitor room occupation (through operate at specific times using the programmable clock. ATNO certificate of equivalence indicates a significant energy advantage from such a controlled demand system. Setup vijb CQr^trtsar When the air quality is good, there quality deteriorates when rooms are When air quality deteriorates, the available...

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Accessories for balanced ventilation with heat recovery Ubbink Climate Systems have developed and selected appliancespecific accessories that can be used to create an excellent installed system. Starting points are quality and ease of use and assembly. A bypass unit can also be retrofitted by the installer or the user. This bypass unit circulates approx.. 70% of the input air around the Ubbink HRV heat exchanger. Bypass unit for night ventilation Ubbink HRV M300 and G400 are available ex factory with a bypass for night ventilation that shuts off almost completely. In summer, this bypass unit ensures...

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HRV duct system The insulated, HRV heat recovery synthetic duct system is available in Ø125mm, Ø150mm and Ø180 mm in lengths of 2.25m and also includes duct connectors and compact bends in angles of 15°, 30°, 45° and 90°. The availability of long sections and compact bends makes the HRV duct system neat and tidy, very quick and easy to assemble, reduces wastage and makes the system perfect for use in complicated design installations. The HRV heat recovery pipe is used for ducting air to and from the atmosphere and elsewhere in an unheated loft. SOUND REDUCTION The relatively soft EPE material...

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Ubbink HRV Compact C180 flow rates Ubbink HRV Medio M300 flow rates Ubbink HRV Grande G400 flow rates

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Air Excellent air distribution system Save space and time on-site Ubbink introduces a compact new air distribution system with a unique semi-circular design. Designed to complement our HRV system and with ducts only 50 mm high, it offers a balanced ventilation and heat recovery solution that takes up far less space than traditional round-pipe systems. It thereby enables you to save a significant amount of time, materials and money on floor construction. Yet it’s just as effective as a traditional system, with a capacity of up to 35 m3/h at a flow rate of approximately 3 m/s. The system comprises...

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30% 30% height reduction 30% The pipework can be laid both within cement floors and in wooden floor and wall constructions: Hygienic design This Air Excellent system provides particularly good air quality due to the silver ion coating inside the ducts. This has a number of advantages: n In cement floors, its low profile reduces the height required by 30%, as the flat-bottomed pipe is only 50 mm high instead of 75 mm for a traditional round pipe. n In wooden floor and wall constructions, it provides a spacesaving solution that gives you more flexibility during the building process. n Its anti-static...

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The Ubbink air distribution system is designed to complement our Ubbink heat recovery unit. It consists of three elements: Air distribution ducts and accessories Air distribution boxes The air distribution system is suitable for use in all types of buildings. Click fit couplers make installation easy. The high vertical and horizontal flexibility of the duct reduces the need for bends to a minimum and the ducts can just be cut to the correct length with a saw or knife. To extend the hoses, simply fit them with a rubber ring and connect them using the coupler. A sealing ring is placed between the...

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Insulated supply and exhaust pipes, silencers and terminals Air distribution boxes Air distribution ducts and accessories

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Terminals & Air Valves Terminals Ubbink offers a wide range of terminals for use with HRV system. These are available in a range of slate sizes: 500mm x 250mm 600mm x 300mm 600mm x 450mm Terminals to match plain tiles and many profile tiles are also available to suit your requirements. To cover all possibilities, Ubbink offers a universal terminal with a Ubiflex flashing that can be moulded to any shape whilst keeping the assembly watertight. Terracotta wall terminal Ubbink’s unobtrusive, ceiling mounted air valves complete the HRV system. Terminals can be supplied with spigot diameters of 100mm,...

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