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Catalog excerpts

Printed on 9lives 55 Gloss 55% total recycled fibre 45% FSC certified virgin fibre. Cert no. SC-COC-1488 Flue Gas Technology Less energy, more comfort Flexible systems for bespoke installations Ubbink (UK) Ltd Borough Road Brackley Northants NN13 7TB Specflue Ltd, 8 Curzon Road, Chilton Industrial Estate, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2XW T. +44 (0)1280 700211 F. +44 (0)1280 705332 E. Tel: 0800 90 20 220 Fax: 0845 13 07 555 E-mail:

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Plastic Flue Systems 03 Technical description and performance 06 Flue system overview 08 Supply, technical support and references 14 > Plastic Flue Systems Ubbink UK Ltd supplies advanced flue systems for condensing gas and oil boilers. Our systems offer solutions for individual and multiple boiler installations with rigid and flexible fluing options. All Ubbink flue systems are produced by our sister company Centrotherm Gnbh. Centrotherm are one of Europe's leading companies in the development of energy-saving technologies for buildings. Their expertise is in the area of engineering plastics and...

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European legislation Flue systems must comply with the Construction Products Directive with regard to testing and classification, and must only be used within their tested range. The classification system for flues is set out in the box below. The System The challenge of Part L The changes to Part L of the Building Regulations introduced in April 2006 (and comparable changes made in Scotland in 2007) have had a significant impact on heating strategies for dwellings which, prior to 2006, would have been heated by electric systems. With the primary test for Part L being the comparison of the dwelling’s...

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Technical description and performance Design System configurations Single wall systems: exhaust gas flues available in rigid or flexible polypropylene, aluminium or stainless steel, and in a range of diameters from 60 - 315mm, with 400mm and 630mm diameter sections. Sections are supplied in 250, 500, 1000 and 2000mm lengths, with a range of bends and connectors. Flexible polypropylene pipes are available in 12.5 and 25m rolls. Accessories A comprehensive range of terminals and intakes for roofs & walls, as well as support brackets, condensate traps and connectors. Flue sections are joined using...

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Flue system 1: Single wall flue Flue system 2:  Single wall flue - flexible pipe in enclosure (air supply from boiler room) (air supply from boiler room) Flue system overview 6 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 Boiler Connector Air supply Pipe at 3° to horizontal Flexible pipe Roof terminal 5 5 4 4 2 3 2 1 Typical flue systems The diagram above and the visuals shown on pages 9 - 12 show some typical Ubbink flue systems for single and multiple condensing boilers. The systems accommodate applications where the flue pipes are required to run up the internal wall, external wall, within straight enclosures, angled enclosures...

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Flue system 3:  Concentric flue Flue system 5:  Concentric flue -external application Flue system 4:  Single wall flue (air supply via flue enclosure) (air supply by dedicated pipework from outside boiler room) Flue system 6:  Cascade system for multiple boilers (air supply from boiler room) (room-sealed appliance) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Boiler Connector Pipe at 3° to horizontal Air supply Vertical pipe supported at 2m intervals Roof terminal Boiler Connector Pipe at 3° to horizontal Concentric - single wall adaptor Vertical pipe supported at 2m intervals Air supply Roof terminal 7...

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Flue system 7:  ascade system for multiple boilers C (air supply by dedicated pipework from outside) Sitework 1 2 3 4 5 6 Boiler Condensate drain Pipe at 3° to horizontal Air supply Vertical pipe supported at 2m intervals Roof terminal 6 Storage Components should be stored in a clean, dry environment and in their original packaging. Non-UV stabilised plastic components must be protected from prolonged exposure to UV light. Health and safety Where installation of a flue involves working at a height a full risk assessment must be conducted and appropriate safety measures put into place. Workmanship...

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Supply, technical support & references Supply Ubbink flue systems are distributed in the UK by approved suppliers. Technical support Ubbink offers comprehensive technical support to designers and contractors working with Ubbink flue systems, including: • Copies of test certificates • On-site visits by technical representatives • lue design and specification service F • uilding Standards Scotland:2007 Technical Handbook B Non-domestic • S EN 1443:2003 Chimneys. B General requirements. • S EN 13384 Chimneys. Thermal and fluid dynamic B calculation methods. BS EN 13384-1:2002 Chimneys serving one...

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