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Desforma furniture catalogue - 19 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Desforma commitment to aim for perfection to reflect the taste and personal will of the most discerning and demanding clients. This design and frame construction can not be matched anywhere in the furniture industry.

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If a single piece of furniture could define the word contemporary, theAmphora couch by Desforma furniture would be it. The piece literally screams for attention without being obnoxious. It is surprisingly comfortable, exceptionally crafted and simply elegant. In fact, the entire collection by Desforma is stunning and years ahead of its time. Just when you fall in love with one couch the Gravity chaise lounge or Safari sofa will catch your eye, making your decision that much harder! About Desforma Furniture What is there to say about a company that manufactures their furniture by hand like pieces...

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Amphora chaise lounge The richly appointed leather has been hand-selected , cut and sewn to precisely fit the body contours. Beyond the visual appeal the internal high quality frame carries a patent for its special use of materials and high strength professional construction techniques.

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Amphora armchair and pouffe Amphora armchair is an extremely elegant and original piece of furniture resembling a unique artwork, and can be placed in empty interior spaces both individually and with other pieces of Amphora furniture. Arched back and arm supports will naturally imitate your body providing complete comfort. This heart-shaped ottoman of modern style serves as an original detail of interior, and will provide more flair in any interior. The functional purpose of the ottoman is support for legs, it can be easily combined with other pieces of Amphora furniture.

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Amphora corner An awesome look and modern feel make the Amphora corner comfortable and unique. Curvy, sensual and elegant -a real modern classic. Shape that unites form and function to be the masterpiece that will liven up your space. It is the classic that broke all the rules, sexy and stylish contemporary sofa-corner that screams

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Amphora sofa Amphora sofa is ultimately comfortable: the back will adjust to your body lines and ensure comfort both for your back and arms. This piece of furniture looks good from any direction and can be combined with two Amphora armchairs and Amphora ottoman. Offers a wide pallet of upholstery and natural leather. Possible sets of 3+2+1.

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Verona sofa The Verona sofa differs from others by expressive sculptured form attractive fron every angle. This will encourage you not to keep this piece of furniture against the wall, but place it in open spaces of your interior where it is visible from all directions. High quality foam or latex is used for the seat part. Offers a wide pallet of upholstery and natural leather. Possible sets of 3+2+1 seats.

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Comfort, durability and unique style. Wide choice of colors and fabrics. This particular piece of furniture allows you to display a furniture in a spacious room/office, to attract attention from any angle. Construction of frame is particularly strong. It is different from any other piece in its originality, new colors, quality and meticulous hand work.

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Gravity sofa Super styling. Fine details. Modern design. Comfortable. She is presented as absolute one-of-a-kind. It is different from any other piece in its originality, quality and hand work. Every piece in our collection is available in a wide

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Public spaces. For those looking for something different or truly unique they also offer a bespoke service from design and sourcing to completed product with all the expertise and advice that comes with it.

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Safari sofa and Safari armchair are attractive by the extremely modern and playful design. The furniture is comfortable, stable and durable. Due to the unique construction, they look perfect and attract attention wherever you place them, because of the precision finish from all sides. The S-shaped (zig-zag) seats and backsides of furniture formed of stainless steel is a source of unique elegance, grace and airiness for this furniture. The furniture is softened by the high quality foam. The Safari sofa can be combined with Safari sofa for two and with Safari armchair. Offers a wide pallet of upholstery...

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